Melissa Joan Hart, Kevin Connolly, and more share their strides to Hollywood in ‘The Big Break’

Society & Culture December 21, 2021
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Wondery presents “The Big Break,” exploring celebrities’ “Aha!” moments where Hollywood embraced them with open arms and the actors had their first brushes with success. Hosted by Kellie Martin and Chad Lowe, this weekly series unpacks the world of showbiz – the infinite chances, failures faced, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and milestones that changed the podcast’s guests’ lives forever – and how sometimes being at the right place at the right time was the actors’ magical ticket to gigs and stardom.

The series premiered in December 2021 and releases weekly episodes. Listen in any order, since the podcast focuses on one guest per episode. The average length of episodes is an hour long.

Kellie and Chad met as teenagers on ABC’s TV show Life Goes On from 1989-1993, and they’ve been friends ever since. Over the years, they have collaborated and decided to combine their efforts toward a podcast, “The Big Break,” since they can both relate to the actors they interview in episodes. Tune in as Kellie and Chad also share anecdotes from their careers alongside fellow actors on the podcast.

On the first episode, Melissa Joan Hart chatted with the hosts about her various roles including Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Melissa caught the acting bug at age 4 and discussed how she was dying to hear her name called on Romper Room as a toddler. Listeners hear about her first gig that involved a bathtub scene. In the podcast’s “Big Bummer” segments, Kellie and Chad will ask guests about the role that got away, and we’ll hear one of Melissa’s most disappointing career moments – in her opinion. Melissa also shares some parenting advice she received from a Ghostbuster, spending lunch breaks with the cast of Beetlejuice since they filmed in the same studio space, and if she participates in any rituals during filming. We also learned that Melissa met Kelly when she was a teenager.

Kevin Connolly stopped the show to dish on his version of Long Island hustle culture and cutting his teeth on shows like Entourage. Kevin and Chad concluded that there are rules to being a teen heartthrob and discussed why bowl cuts rock. Kevin shared about his early modeling days (yes, he was also a hair model), his arch enemy in Hollywood, and growing up in the spotlight.

Tune in to hear more celebrities’ stories on weekly episodes of “The Big Break,” wherever you listen to podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Big Break’

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