Touring with Bowie, music musings, and tea talks: ‘Moby Pod’ shares personal and professional insights

Music January 27, 2023
Moby Pod
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Multi-hyphenate artist Moby just launched his new series, “Moby Pod.” In the first episode, Moby explains the title is a double entendre since Moby gets his name from the whale and “pod” refers to a group of whales. Moby shares candid conversations with occasional guests filled unique insights, memories, and a variety of experiences ranging from personal anecdotes to professional milestones.

Stream new episodes every other week in any order you’d like. Since January, the podcast’s episodes run less than 90 minutes on average. All topics are on the table including animal activism, politics, life musings, the creative process, and much more. Moby is opening up about his mental health, curing panic attacks with your own music, and sobriety.

On the first episode, Moby dished on his passion for tea, cleaning his home and dirty mugs with Magic Eraser-style tools, and why he was inspired to own a cafe after visiting a quirky spot in Paris. He shares personal stories with friends ranging from French adventures to what happened one Sunday night at 3AM in NYC at his favorite bar.

The musician dished on recording in New York City, studio memories, and his first song that charted in the top 40. He shared he is still in disbelief that he even met David Bowie (their first conversation was about real estate), how they eventually became neighbors, friends, and went on tour together. Moby explained why Bowie wanted Moby to headline that tour (so he could beat traffic and leave early after his set).

Later in the podcast, Moby and his co-host Lindsay Hicks drafted an action movie plot off the cuff involving a purse and talked about naked mole rats. Then, they created a naked mole rat song and chatted about lobsters’ longevity, among other topics.

This podcast is sure to be a grab bag of fun moments for music fans mixed with pop culture nostalgia and random tidbits. Check out new episodes of “Moby Pod” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Moby Pod’

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