Crossover ep: ‘Mother Country Radicals’ meets ‘I Was Never There’ to explore connection and radical family histories

Society & Culture November 17, 2022
Listen to ‘Bonus: Radical Family Histories (A Crossover with I Was Never There)’

Mother Country Radicals” host Zayd Ayers Dohrn chats with his mom, Bernardine Dorhn, along with Jamie and Karen Zelermyer from Wonder Media Network’s “I Was Never There” on this unforgettable crossover episode. Jamie and Zayd interview their mothers to share how it felt to relive their radical pasts, experiences creating podcasts with their children, learning new perspectives, and how they find hope in turbulent times.

In “Mother Country Radicals,” host Zayd Ayers Dohrn shares his family’s history and rebellion as part of a radical group called the Weather Underground. As the Weather Underground’s leaders, Zayd’s parents became counter-culture outlaws on the run from the FBI, and he interviews his family, other members of the group, and more on his podcast.

On “I Was Never There,” Karen and her daughter Jamie chat about her non-traditional upbringing, their friend’s mysterious disappearance, and a counter-cultural movement in the 1970s.

This bonus crossover episode investigates the different sorts of connection kids have with their parents and how Zayd and Jamie’s parental relationships evolved during the creative process. We’ll learn how both Zayd and Jamie preserved memories through podcasting, how their radical family stories changed their lives forever, and what new insight they gained when learning more about their parents’ choices.

Zayd and Jamie discussed how they constructed their podcasts through the use of archival footage, personal anecdotes, why they felt podcasting was the best medium to document their stories, and much more.

In a time when our political and social climate seems so similar to the turbulent history Bernardine and Karen lived through, the two will share how they find hope. The moms share all about their parenting experiences and compare the two movements they participated in. Tune in for cultural and social observations, as well as what we can learn about politics from these time frames.

“Radical Family Histories (A Crossover with I Was Never There)” is now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Bonus: Radical Family Histories (A Crossover with I Was Never There)’

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