Natalie Barbu goes beyond curated Instagram highlights for raw conversations with guests on ‘The Real Reel’

Society & Culture February 18, 2022
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Podcast Nation presents “The Real Reel,” a weekly podcast pulling back the curtain of people’s curated Instagram highlights, featuring real people with unfiltered stories. Entrepreneur, influencer, and podcast host Natalie Barbu invites guests to embrace the realness and discuss their careers and lives. In episodes, hear about topics like quitting your job and starting a company, self-empowerment, serial entrepreneurship, organization, and more. Natalie founded Rella, a management tool for influencers running businesses, and she shares a vast array of her own experiences on the podcast.

Since 2019, “The Real Reel” has released over 140 episodes, running under an hour on average. Natalie stopped by Podsauce to share about creating valuable content, helping others, and some of her podcast’s favorite guests. Natalie told Podsauce she wants listeners to feel like they’re part of a community, like hopping in a car together and chatting with friends. On episode 4, Natalie learned from her friend, Katy Colvin, who started teaching middle school after a quarter-life crisis, shifted her focus, and moved to the Dominican Republic.

If you’re first starting the series, Natalie recommended episode 140 with CEO and Founder of SimplyBe, Jessica Zweig. Podsauce host Dax listened to this episode on authenticity, brand building, and staying true to yourself. Natalie also discussed episode 146 with Adina Reyter, creator of Adina’s Jewels, harping on perseverance when working on your business. Natalie and guests explore how to use social media, like episode 95 with Summer Fridays’ co-founder Marianna Hewitt. Over time, Marianna segued influencing to entrepreneurship with her skincare line and developed trust with her followers.

In a recent episode, personal trainer, gymnastics expert, and Train Like A Gymnast founder Danielle Gray addressed self-awareness, accountability, and reinvention. Natalie and Danielle unpacked wellness trends, shared fitness tips, and explained why bottling emotions can be dangerous.

The anonymous Canadian poet Atticus dove into curiosity, fame’s challenges, overcoming writer’s block, and inspirations in conversation with Natalie. Atticus wrote The Dark Between Stars, The Truth About Magic, and Love Her Wild, co-created a wine brand, and sells merch online.

To learn more about Natalie Barbu’s brand, tune into episode 145 to hear how she brought her ideas to life, included co-founders, expanded Rella’s team, and shared about the commitment needed to launch an app.

Tune in weekly for new episodes of “The Real Reel,” wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘The Real Reel’

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