Nick Viall talks love, heartbreak, and doles out a whole lot of advice to live callers on ‘The Viall Files’

Society & Culture February 25, 2022
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Nick Viall is no stranger to love. He has been seen falling in love and getting his heart broken (twice, ugh) on screen in front of literally millions of people. Presumably, he also has dating experience outside of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, as well (just kidding, he totally does). Now, Nick is sharing what he’s learned and doling out advice on “The Viall Files.”

This bi-weekly podcast posts episodes every single Monday and Wednesday, and since Nick has been at this since early 2019, “The Viall Files” has racked up nearly 400 episodes. Episode are typically 90 minutes long, with Monday’s episodes consisting of Nick answering listener questions (live) and Wednesday’s episodes featuring a special guest interview.

Okay, so sometimes Monday’s episodes are a Bachelor recap, seeing that Nick is one of the most experienced contestants of all time. He was on both Andi Dorfman’s and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s seasons of The Bachelorette, making it to the final ceremonies of both seasons before he was sadly rejected. He then appeared on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise before he was announced as the Bachelor for the show’s 21st season. So, yeah, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the franchise. Nick has also acted in a number of movies and television shows and was even a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

But, onto “The Viall Files!” Nick has been having fascinating conversations with even more fascinating people for years. Recently, he spoke with Alexandra Hunt, a Democratic candidate running to represent PA-03 in Congress. Should she be elected, she would be the first open former stripper to hold a federal public office in the United States. She came to stripping in college in order to pay for her tuition, as the low-paying server job she had on campus wasn’t enough. With Nick, she talks about how she decided to take a hold of her own narrative, understanding that being a former sex worker could become fuel for the media and her political opponents.

With Nick, she talks about breaking down stereotypes of sex workers, discussing how the stigma against sex work makes sex workers keep their careers a secret. Not only that, but they talk about her platform’s support for sex workers and why it’s important to support sex workers. They discuss the stigmas sex workers face despite the many people who enjoy the services they perform. Pushing sex work underground only makes it more dangerous, hence why Hunt is making them part of the discussion.

On top of that, the two discuss using TikTok for her marketing campaign (this is the future, people) before doling out some relationship advice. The whole conversation is fascinating, and Hunt’s story is endlessly interesting (and hopefully will inspire some real change).

“The Viall Files” is far more than meets the eye. Nick has truly made this podcast into something entertaining and eye-opening. He is talking about breakups, toxic relationships, resolving parental disagreements, the irony of ultimatums, Hallmark-movie-worthy love triangles and more. Also, his no-holds-barred take on The Bachelor is so refreshing: sometimes the show can be so tough to watch, it’s nice to know that some people out there are reasonable. Even in his advice, he is both empathetic and direct to his listeners on the phone, not allowing people to lie to him or themselves.

While his appearances on The Bachelor may not have ended in the way he would have liked, it seems that he took a lot from his time on the show. He’s vulnerable and thoughtful, honest to the extreme, and he’s genuinely just enjoyable to listen to. And, while we keep bringing up the franchise, he has moved far beyond just being The Bachelor guy. We’re so stoked that “The Viall Files” releases episodes twice a week. Nick’s advice and show recaps are always spot on, and we aren’t sure what we’d do without him.

Listen to ‘The Viall Files’

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