Paris Hilton and more share survivor stories of being ‘Trapped in Treatment’ at Provo Canyon School

Society & Culture January 27, 2022
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“Trapped in Treatment” shares the dark side of young adults being sent to behavior modification centers, marketed as help from a “Troubled Teen Industry.” But instead of the care their parents believe they’ve signed up for, “Trapped in Treatment” explains the abuse and controversial practices employed by staff and what happens behind closed doors. This season will investigate Utah’s Provo Canyon School, the history of these centers, and reveal why these billion-dollar businesses continue to operate and thrive. Each season that follows will cover a different facility.

Stream “Trapped in Treatment” from episode one to hear the full story. So far, the episodes run under 40 minutes each. This series is hosted by Caroline Cole and Rebecca Mellinger, and experts will weigh in on episodes. Survivors from these facilities, such as Paris Hilton, will recount their traumatizing experiences. Such facilities’ horror stories begin at the time of intake, “kidnapping” the survivor in the middle of the night, and following an austere lock-down protocol, where human rights are violated, as reported by survivors. We’ll hear about suffering through solitary confinement, corporal punishment, over-medication, and more, and how these facilities impacted their lives forever.

You might know Paris Hilton as an entrepreneur, DJ, or from her reality TV show co-starring Nicole Richie, The Simple Life. But her life was not that simple, and she suffered at Provo Canyon School. On the podcast, Paris Hilton shares her harrowing stories, reveals the mental and physical abuse she suffered, and explains how she hid her trauma for years.

In 2020, Hilton detailed the abuse she suffered in the This Is Paris documentary and is empowered to use her platform and advocate for the youth by generating public awareness of the hidden abuses lurking at these facilities. She wants to prevent future generations from becoming victims of behavioral treatment facilities’ abuse and encourages survivors to share their stories. Hilton is instrumental in creating new legislation in Utah and headed to Washington D.C. to change federal laws that would regulate treatment centers and prevent abuse. Hilton works with the non-profit, Breaking Code Silence, to empower survivors with advocacy, resources, and more.

Cole also survived a behavior modification facility. She is an activist, women’s transformation coach (with an emphasis on trauma), and entrepreneur. Mellinger is Hilton’s Impact Producer. In this role, she works with Hilton to change the “Troubled Teen Industry,” raise awareness, provide mental health support, and bring policy change.

iHeartPodcasts, Paris Hilton, London Audio, and Warner Bros. Unscripted Television with Telepictures present “Trapped in Treatment.” The first two episodes dropped January 26, and new episodes are available weekly over the next 12 weeks.

Listen to ‘Trapped in Treatment’

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