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Kids & Family August 3, 2021

Parenting is really hard. There’s lot of stress, little sleep, and a whole new responsibility to be beholden to. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone! With the rise of podcasting has come the rise of mom podcasts. There is truly no stone left unturned with the amount of parenting podcasts out there, but we decided to gather some of our favorites for you to check out.

Whether you are searching for a way to get your baby to sleep, or wondering how it’s possible to run a business and a household, we have it all. Listen to people who have conquered parenthood, and laugh with the people who fumbled their way through it all. These aren’t just Mom-stagrammers or Mommy-bloggers, these are women who want to help you get through the first few bleary-eyed years. There is no shortage of truth, honesty, and genuine hilarity when it comes to moms on podcasts. Listen to our favorite moms on podcasts here:

Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance podcast art

Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance

Listen to ‘Rosie and Rosie: Parental Guidance’

YouTube comedy duo and married couple Rose and Rosie set sail on their most ambitious undertaking yet: starting a family. The two quickly realized that there are so few resources for LGBTQ+ couples to turn to when they want to start a family, so they started this podcast as a place for others to learn. They speak with friends, peers and experts on all things making babies: IVF, adoption, surrogates, sperm donors, egg donors – you name it. They talk raising a child in the current social climate, raising an anti-racist child, and gender-reveals. You will laugh, you will probably cry, but you’ll also learn a lot more than you had ever anticipated. A Spotify Original from BBC Studios comes “Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance.”

Band of Mothers podcast art
Listen to ‘Band of Mothers’

From the creators of The Pump and Dump Show, Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee are coming in hot with their podcast “Band of Mothers.” They cover lifestyle and parenting topics to make sure you have all of the resources you need for your new-parent life. They are all honesty when it comes to healthy eating as a parent, balancing your job with parenthood, sex after babies, tarot cards, and so much more. Their conversations are deeply vulnerable, profoundly funny, and genuinely truthful. If you are looking for your own “Band of Mothers”, look no farther, Shayna and Tracey have you covered.

That New Mom Life podcast art

That New Mom Life

Listen to ‘That New Mom Life’

From Parents Magazine comes their new podcast, “That New Mom Life”. With over 12 episodes, hosts Grace Bastidas and Desiree Fortin explore the first blurry and sleepless months of parenthood. Bastidas, the Editor in Chief of Parents Latina, and Fortin, a mother of triplets and a newborn, talk with experts weekly about the need-to-knows of being a parent. They chat about the emotional ups and downs, adjusting to less sleep, your bodily changes, and more. Check out “That New Mom Life” for a succinct and invaluable advice.

Call Me CEO podcast art

Call Me CEO

Listen to ‘Call Me CEO’

Camille Walker’s favorite title is mom, but you can just call her CEO. She just wants to help you make the mayhem of being a parent and running a business work. Every week, Walker speaks with inspirational women who are mothers and business-owners, chatting about their tools for success in both fields. Thinking of starting a business, but not sure you can do it with a kid? “Call Me CEO” has easy approach steps and informational interviews for you to make it work.

Why Mommy Drinks podcast art

Why Mommy Drinks

Listen to ‘Why Mommy Drinks’

You probably know why mommy drinks, but this podcast is a great way to sit back and have a drink with other parents getting through it any way they can. Host Betsy Stover talks to parents about the straw that finally broke the camel’s back. This is not an advice podcast, but it’s also a no-judgement zone. Simply listen to the wildest stories from the trenches of war from fellow parents. Guests range from comedians, to Olympians, to Hollywood stars on Campfire Media’s “Why Mommy Drinks”.

Under the Influence podcast art

Under the Influence

Listen to ‘Under the Influence’

“Under the Influence” pulls back the curtain on all of Momstagrammers flooding your Instagram feed trying to sell you the next thing that will improve your new parenting life. Journalist Jo Piazza looks at how we got to the point of social media mothers standing in their huge white kitchens with toddlers who never cry trying to tell you how you, too, can achieve their life. Hint: it’s lots and lots of money – like, billions of dollars. The commodification of motherhood has driven Piazza to create “Under the Influence”, a look into one of the weirdest and most profitable industries that’s come to life in the past few years.

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