Brian Laundrie to Biden’s economic agenda: 6 podcast episodes from this week’s headlines

News October 21, 2021

From COVID booster updates to Brian Laundrie news, there are lots of happenings this week, and Podsauce has selected the latest news podcast episodes for y’all. We learned updates about the Delta variant, a pig kidney transplanted in a human, and Senate voting rights protections. The Parkland killer pled guilty, and Colin Powell died from COVID-19 complications.

In other news, Squid Game has surged traffic to Netflix, and now the streaming giant is getting sued. Dune is hitting theaters and streaming platforms this weekend. On our list, we’ve included an Audacy original news series hosted by Lynda Lopez.

Check out our complete news round-up below:

Connect the Dots

Listen to ‘Connect the Dots’

WCBS Newsradio’s Lynda Lopez hosts Audacy’s weekly series “Connect the Dots” to bring listeners fresh updates, interviews, and news. In this episode, we learned how street vendors balance their passion for food and customers with vulnerability, facing adversity, securing permits and the inequalities seemingly targeting immigrants. In this episode, we’ll also learn about vendors’ struggles with violations and over-policing. Lynda speaks with researcher and Director from the New York City Street Vendor Project about what changes can be made.

NPR Up First

Listen to ‘NPR UP First’

In this episode, hear updates about COVID booster shot authorizations and steps to bring the pandemic to a close. Democrats in the Senate failed in their voting rights protections bill, changing voting rules at the state and federal levels. Vice President Kamala Harris presided over the vote, and there might be another vote as soon as next week. Also on this episode, “Up First” discusses the government meeting in Moscow, Russia, bringing the possibility of contacting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

CNN 5 Things

Listen to ‘October 21, 9am,’ on ‘CNN 5 Things’

“CNN 5 Things” presents the latest in under 5 minutes. We learn about President Biden’s new bills, expansion of the “social safety net,” and other points in his economic agenda. California is gearing up for a heavy storm and braces for flooding. Human remains and personal items were found in a Florida nature reserve that might belong to Brian Laundrie, and the family’s attorney spoke with CNN.

The Daily podcast art

The Daily

Listen to ‘The Life and Career of Colin Powell’ on ‘The Daily’

This episode of The New York Times’ “The Daily” details Former United States Secretary of State, Colin Powell’s legacy. He died on Monday from COVID-19, according to his family. Across three presidencies, Powell shaped public service for over forty years. In this episode, host Michael Barbaro spoke his colleague Robert Draper about Powell’s career, achievements, his role in bringing Americans to war in Iraq, and setbacks faced. Draper previously wrote “To Start a War: How the Bush Administration Took America into Iraq” for New York Times Magazine.

USA Today

Listen to ‘Parkland killer pleads guilty’ on ‘USA Today’

Tune into this episode for a variety of updates. In 2018, Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The Parkland killer plead guilty this week in an effort to avoid the death penalty. October 21st is Equal Pay Day for Hispanic American women, and this episode shares pay statistics. Nepal and India were hit with heavy rain and 200 people are dead, with around 40 people still missing. In the Australian Outback, free land was offered, and now the government was flooded with takers. The town, Quilpie, has some solutions. Also, the House is voting on whether or not former President Trump advisor Steve Bannon is in contempt for violating the subpoena in an investigation of the U.S. Capitol’s January 6th insurrection.

BBC News Global News Podcast

Listen to ‘BBC News Global News Podcast’

In this episode of BBC News’ “Global News Podcast,” we hear about army buses bombed in Syrian’s capital, Damascus, and 14 people died. A pig’s kidney was transplanted in a human, as part of a greater question to test the efficiency of animals’ organs in the body. In other news, New York City’s elderly yellow cab drivers are in serious debt, and unlikely to pay off their medallion loans. This week, Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema is on trial for blackmailing player Mathieu Valbuena with a sex tape. Squid Game has caused traffic surges, and Netflix is getting sued.

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