Blast from the past: 7 podcasts for history enthusiasts

History July 5, 2021

Why study history? One can delve into the past, more fully understand the present, and prepare for the future. The compelling aspect of history is there’s always more to learn, and there are plenty of podcasts to quench that thirst for knowledge.

Do you enjoy absorbing fascinating tidbits about U.S. and World History? Here are some trending podcasts with captivating hosts to lead you on a historical adventure from the comfort of your podcast streaming device:

Dark History

Listen to ‘Dark History’

Makeup artist and true crime fanatic Bailey Sarian expands upon her popular YouTube series Murder, Mystery & Makeup with the Audioboom’s “Dark History.” Bailey examines the shadowy past of U.S. + World History topics, historical mysteries, strange occurrences, oddities, cultural events, murders, legends, and more. Episodes are released bi-weekly.

SOG Cast: Untold Stories of MAC V SOG

Listen to ‘SOG Cast: Untold Stories of MAC V SOG’

John Stryker Meyer explores untold stories of Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group operations from his perspective. Meyer is an author and served in the U.S. Army.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Listen to ‘Stuff You Missed in History Class’

From iHeartRadio comes “Stuff You Missed in History Class.” This podcast’s topics range from things you may have learned in school but need a refresher on to things perhaps your history classes skipped over.

You’re Wrong About

Listen to ‘You’re Wrong About’

Since 2018, Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall’s “You’re Wrong About” has reassessed people and events that were previously misconceived by the public eye. Sometimes, debates ensue between the hosts and special guests weigh in with their viewpoints.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Listen to ‘Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History’

Journalist and broadcaster Dan Carlin created the show. The podcast combines his knack for narration and sway toward drama in an unconventional method of studying history with his podcast. In his most recent episode, Dan explores how Japan’s leaders assess the nation’s tenacity in war.


Listen to ‘Lore’

From Aaron Mahnke and Grim & Mild comes “Lore.” Following the format of the successful TV show and book series, “Lore” researches spooky, historic tales. The episodes generally center around one theme, often based in folklore, and unfold historical events that investigate the darkness of humanity.


Listen to ‘HISTORY This Week’

Each week marks another significant moment in history. Brought to you by The HISTORY Channel, “HISTORY This Week’s episodes remind and inform listeners of anniversaries of noteworthy events that occurred on that specific date, taking the listener back, one event at a time.


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