#WeekendReady: 5 podcasts to stream over the next few days

round up February 11, 2022

Happy Friday! We’ve rounded up some podcasts across different genres if you’re looking for shows to level up your listening queue.

On this weekend’s listening guide, hear “Well-Read Black Girl with Glory Edim,” celebrating writers and their work. There’s a music interview series hosted by Tom Morello all about the influential music, movements, and moments that shaped his work. In a popular true crime podcast, hear about unexplained events, missing people, hauntings, serial killers, and more. “The Truth” shares different fiction stories each episode.

Find our complete weekend listening guide below:

Well-Read Black Girl

Well-Read Black Girl with Glory Edim

Listen to ‘Well-Read Black Girl with Glory Edim’

Pushkin Industries presents “Well-Read Black Girl with Glory Edim,” a series fusing literature, art, and justice in conversations with guests. Glory is a writer and founded the Well-Read Black Girl Book Club to celebrate writers and their work. This season, Glory will chat with Tarana Burke, Min Jin Lee, Gabrielle Union, and Elizabeth Acevedo, just to name a few. Educator and lawyer Anita Hill joined Glory in a recent episode to discuss her new book, Believing: Our Thirty-Year Journey to End Gender Violence. They talked about Hill’s work with the Hollywood Commission to help gender-based violence victims, the importance of believing brave women speaking their truths, and more. Other episodes feature literacy advocates, Black booksellers, and WRBG Book Club members. So far, all standalone episodes are under 40 minutes long.

Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan

Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan

Listen to ‘Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan’

“Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan” is a true crime smorgasbord with 50+ episodes running under 40 minutes long. Tune in for terrifying episodes on killers, cults, ghosts, missing people, and more. Past episodes delved into The First Milk Carton Kid, NXIVM’s Allison Mack, hikers gone missing, and The Salem Witch Trials. There are episodes on UFOs, Broadway’s haunted theaters, supernatural encounters, The Watcher House, and an allegedly cursed hotel. This series is brought to you by Obsessed Network. Aside from the two-part episodes, most episodes can be streamed in any order.

I Said No Gifts

I Said No Gifts

Listen to ‘I Said No Gifts’

Writer/producer/comedian/actor Bridger Winegar is joined by friends and guests in episodes who adamantly disobey his “no gifts” request and send him surprises anyway. Winegar resists the urge to storm off the show, scream, and sometimes keeps the peace as the conversations eventually turn to unwrapping the gift. Recent guests have include SNL’s Bowen Yang, Margaret Cho, Beth Stelling, and Tien Tran. Since 2020, Exactly Right’s “I Said No Gifts” has released over 100 episodes, averaging 70 minutes each.

The Truth

The Truth

Listen to ‘The Truth’

Radiotopia’s “The Truth” shares short fiction stories that are interesting, sometimes funny, or dark. If you’re a first-time listener, the podcast’s description recommends starting with the most recent episode or any of the following: “Silvia’s Blood,” “That’s Democracy,” “Moon Graffiti,” or “Tape Delay.” Since 2012, “The Truth” has released over 160 episodes.

Tom Morello's Maximum Firepower

Tom Morello’s Maximum Firepower

Listen to ‘Tom Morello’s Maximum Firepower’

“Tom Morello’s Maximum Firepower” is a weekly series about the music, moments, and movements that have influenced the artist and activist’s life. Tom is a legendary musician who played in Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, and Prophets of Rage. In episodes, Tom will chat with folks like Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen, Michael Moore, Woody Guthrie’s daughter, and more. He also interviewed a bunch of artists he collaborated with on his Atlas Underground Fire album including Barns Courtney, “Queen of Palestinian techno” Sama’ Abdulhadi, and grandson. Since 2021, this SiriusXM series has released over 40 episodes.

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