Welcome to the weekend! 5 podcasts to check out over the next few days

round up October 15, 2021

It’s finally Friday, and that means we have finished rounding up a weekend listening guide for all of you podcast-philes out there. We’ve got a little bit of true crime, a little bit of fraud, and a whole lot of great stories. For any I Love Lucy fans, the third season of “The Plot Thickens” has just started, all about the life of the iconic Lucille Ball. Or if you’re passionate about debunking food myths, we’ve got “Maintenance Phase” waiting for you down below. And we have plenty for fans of swindles, scams and shams.

Whatever you’re in the mood for this weekend, check out our suggestions here!

The Plot Thickens

Listen to ‘The Plot Thickens’

The third season of “The Plot Thickens” is telling the story of the legendary Lucille Ball like you’ve never heard it before. Dazzled by vaudeville acts and silent movies as a child, her rise to become America’s funniest redhead was full of tragedy and triumph. Host Ben Mankiewicz dives into the private life of the woman who changed television and comedy forever. You can listen to the first episode of “The Plot Thickens” now.

Fallen Angel

Listen to ‘Fallen Angel’

“Fallen Angel” is Cadence13’s newest original podcast, a documentary about the dark underbelly of Victoria’s Secret empire. Through firsthand accounts, “Fallen Angel” flips through the embattled history of the brand, from relations to Jeffrey Epstein to threats of retaliation for models who spoke out against them. Models, Angels, employees, analysts and more join the podcast to look at the brand that created a new culture of beauty, sex and desire in America.

Half Vaxxed: The Rise and Fall of Philly Fighting COVID

Listen to ‘Half Vaxxed: The Rise and Fall of Philly Fighting COVID’

A new podcast from WHYY, “Half Vaxxed: The Rise and Fall of Philly Fighting COVID” is telling the story of how a 22-year-old with no health care experience managed to seal COVID-19 vaccine distribution deal. What he thought would make him millions ended up imploding on him when he turned his company, Philly Fighting COVID, into a for-profit organization and was on track to sell patient’s data. In a time of turmoil around the world, was he just a grifter, or an opportunist using the fatal flaws in the American health care system to his advantage?

Maintenance Phase

Listen to ‘Maintenance Phase’

Every other Tuesday, Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon, who you may know from the podcasts “You’re Wrong About” and “Your Fat Friend,” debunk all the food and health lies you’ve been told by the media. From fad diets, wellness scams and ill advised nutrition advice that even Oprah aired, “Maintenance Phase” is breaking down the junk science you’ve been told all your life. Listen to them rip apart the faults of fads like “The Keto Diet,” “The Body Mass Index,” and “Weight Watchers” in this podcast dedicated to our health and wellbeing.


Listen to ‘Swindled’

It’s white collar crime time, baby. “Swindled” is a narrative storytelling podcast all about corporate evil, con artists, Ponzi schemes and corruption dealt upon us from those at the top. In the name of greed, these crimes come with a hefty price, from environmental destruction to even death. “Swindled” is taking it all the way to the top of the food chain.

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