#TGIF: 5 podcasts to stream this weekend

round up October 22, 2021

It’s one week closer to Halloween (how did that happen?) and we could not be more stoked to have one final weekend to get together our costumes and watch scary movies. We have a highly selective collection of podcasts for your weekend, starting off with a pod for wilderness lovers and home bodies alike, moving on to the end of the WNBA season and the start of men’s basketball, and then some spookier history.

No matter what you’re thinking of doing this fall weekend, check out these binge-able podcasts.

FOGO: Fear of Going Outside

Listen to ‘FOGO: Fear of Going Outside’

Ivy Lee is the single most reluctant podcast host ever. This 10-part podcast is her attempt to go camping with no prior experience, and it’s an absolutely hilarious take on the weird, kind of white-washed, world of outdoorsiness. A self-described indoorswoman, she thinks that too many nature shows are hosted by reckless white men, so this Asian mom with severe allergies is determined to embrace the outdoors, or die trying. From Spotify Studios, it’s “FOGO: Fear of Going Outside.”


Listen to ‘Spinsters’

With the thrilling end to the WNBA season (congrats to the Chicago Sky) and the start of the NBA season, stay up to date with “Spinsters.” Hosted by Haley O’Shaughnessy and Jordan Ligons, “Spinsters” is a basketball podcast for people who love basketball. A fun, outside of the box podcast, they focus on more than just the games in the NBA and WNBA, they interview people on more of the nuanced things in basketball: politics, pay disparity and more. But with the NBA season, they just completed a season preview for the East and West, so check out “Spinsters.”

American Shadows

Listen to ‘American Shadows’

Host Lauren Vogelbaum is looking at the dark side of American history, the lore that has been lost or pushed away into the shadows. From the radium girls standing up to the radium industry that was killing them, to the conspiracy to steal Lincoln’s body, there’s lots we don’t know. From iHeartRadio and Aaron Mahnke’s Grim & Mild, “American Shadows” is looking at two centuries worth of omitted lore.

American Skyjacker: The Final Flight of Martin McNally

Listen to ‘American Skyjacker: The Final Flight of Martin McNally’

The years between 1967 and 1972 are often referred to as “Golden Age of Hijacking,” as over 300 commercial planes were hijacked worldwide, 130 of those in the United States alone. D.B. Cooper’s hijacking occured in 1971, and remains one of the most famous cases of using a commercial jet to secure a lot of money. Well, not everyone can be D.B. and in “American Skyjacker: The Final Flight of Martin McNally,” our poor McNally manages to secure $500,000 in his hijacking, only to lose it on the way down.

You’re Dead To Me

Listen to ‘You’re Dead To Me’

Ouch, harsh. “You’re Dead To Me” is a BBC classic podcast: hosted by Greg Jenner, it’s a history podcast for people who don’t like history, as well as those who do. Hilarious, educational, and only slightly addictive, “You’re Dead To Me” is a glorious romp through history. From the history of high heels to Medieval medicine, fairy tales and the Harlem Renaissance, this is nothing like your high school history class.

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