#WeekendMode: Fall into these 5 podcasts

round up September 24, 2021

Happy fall, y’all! Welcome back to Podsauce’s weekend listening guide. On this week’s list, we’ve included podcasts from several genres as nice diversions from your week. There’s a café-based podcast from across the pond, interviewing your favorite celebs about food. We’re listening to a new fictional podcast mixing true crime and magic, where a podcast host uses her platform to find a missing writer. A fascinating new listen looks at statistics on fun topics (ghosts, etc.) and what this data says about our lives. Also on our list is a show about a how a mighty family fell from old secrets.

Here’s our list of easy-listening shows for your weekend’s listening rotation:

Margins of Error

Listen to ‘Margins of Error’

CNN’s Harry Enten is a numbers guy who sees that stories can be told through statistics. The podcast “Margins of Error” investigates data that reveals more about our lives: how we live, work, and play. Harry looks at what we believe by delving into fun topics. The first episode explores data about believing in ghosts, and why we think beliefs have quadrupled according to surveys. A series of guests, including Harry’s colleagues, appear on the first episode to explore how beliefs in ghosts go back thousands of years and have changed over time. Of course, they discuss the internet’s impact on belief systems and polls.

River Café Table 4

Listen to ‘River Café Table 4’

iHeartRadio’s “River Café Table 4” carries listeners to London’s Thames Warf for food-based discussions. Chef Ruth Rogers’ fine fare and riverside ambiance has drawn a celebrity clientele for over 30 years, including the likes of Victoria and David Beckham, Steve McQueen, Glenn Close, Lily Allen, Michael Caine, and JJ Abrams, just to name a few. Ruth speaks with her customers-turned-friends about food: what they like to cook, comfort eats, favorite restaurants, and family food traditions. They’ll chat about dietary habits when prepping for performances. This season, Ruth will chat with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ralph Fiennes, Emily Blunt, and Alfonso Cuarón. The stars will also select and read their favorite recipe from River Café’s 25 years’ worth of cookbooks. Tune in for new, weekly episodes.

If I Go Missing, the Witches Did It

Listen to ‘If I Go Missing, the Witches Did It’

Realm’s “If I Go Missing, the Witches Did It” is a fictional podcast starring Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe. After Black writer Jenna Clayton disappears, podcast host Elise Edgerton tries to find her. She comes across a series of Jenna’s dicey voice memos left behind. Jenna was investigating a group of influencers who used magic to achieve notoriety. Elise uses her platform to spearhead Jenna’s case and wants to find Jenna. Does Elise become the villain in this story? Check out the story arc to find out what happens in this dramatic spooky, true crime telling.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Listen to ‘On Purpose with Jay Shetty’

Host Jay Shetty’s podcasting goal is “to make wisdom go viral.” In weekly episodes, Jay will share illuminating conversations with doctors, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and more as they’ll reveal advice and tips to boost your life’s toolbox. Recent episode spoke with Dr. Nicole LePera about self-awareness and healing from trauma. Actress Gabrielle Union discussed vulnerability, identifying your weaknesses, and rising above through strength. Jessica Alba explained imposter syndrome and overcoming perfectionism. New episodes are posted semi-weekly.

The Just Enough Family

Listen to ‘The Just Enough Family’

Three Uncanny Four presents “The Just Enough Family,” a series chronicling The Steinbergs’ rise and fall. A prominent and wealthy NYC family lost it all in the blink of an eye. Take a listen as designer and family member Liz Lange tells the story through her perspective. Through drama, success, betrayals, losses, writer Ariel Levy hosts the series.

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