From a Rod Stewart scam to wire fraud and identity theft: ‘Queen of the Con’ covers Danielle Miller’s crimes in season 3

True Crime December 15, 2022
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What would you do if you found out your best friend was an international con artist? And not only an international con artist, but one who had conned even you out of $100,000? This story was detailed on “Queen of the Con’s” first season when reality TV producer, Jonathan Walton, met Mair Smyth. Smyth claimed she was an Irish heiress destined to inherit millions of dollars, but the rest of her family was trying to write her out of the will.

Walton went from the hunted to the hunter, figuring out her victim-targeting tactics and the court case that exposed all of her lies. Smyth was eventually sent to prison. After this season, Walton received messages from hundreds of con artists’ victims asking for help with their cases.

The second season was about Lizzie Mulder, “The OC Savior.” Walton unearthed new evidence that further exposed Mulder’s intricate con artist operations – she was not your average CPA with a high profile clientele, and ran countless scams on unsuspecting victims.

In “Queen of the Con’s” third season, hear about “The Rich Girl.” Danielle Miller grew up in Manhattan and appeared to live a privileged, Gossip Girl-style life, complete with attending a private prep school. Miller’s mom was a Rockette and her dad was the New York Bar Association’s president. But in a turn of events, her childhood drastically changed.

Miller began leading a life of crime, starting out with her initial “Rod Stewart” scam at age 16. Now, with a rap sheet “longer than a CVS receipt,” Miller will stand a federal trial after her attempt to con almost a million dollars from the government and leaving hundreds of victims in her wake.

This season, hear how Miller was arrested at her Miami apartment while she was recuperating from Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery, accused of scamming a million from the Federal Government, and the elaborate system she used to pull off her crimes.

Stream all seasons from the first episode to hear each con artist’s story in full. “Queen of the Con” is presented by iHeartPodcasts and AYR Media. Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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