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Music August 1, 2021

From vinyl to cassette, CDs to iTunes, music is constantly evolving. And to truly understand where we are today, we need to look back at where we were. These podcasts are dedicated to the education of music history through song analysis and narrative storytelling.

We have rock and roll, country music, pop, folk, a dash of classical, and everything that has stemmed from them! Look back at some of the largest legends to ever grace our ears, and learn about the earworms of today. Jump back in time with us with these music history podcasts.

Ongoing History of New Music podcast image

Ongoing History of New Music

Listen to ‘Ongoing History of New Music’

Music writer and broadcaster Alan Cross hosts one of the biggest music history podcasts in the world. “Ongoing History of New Music” analyzes the history of music from rock and roll to rap to folk to pop. Whether it’s artists profiles, songs that shaped a genre, or thematic explorations, this podcast gives you the deepest run down of all things music. Check out one of Cross’s newer episodes “Queens of Quirk” for an analysis of the women who shaped rock.

Disgraceland Presents podcast image



Musicians behaving badly is nothing new. But some have taken it a little too far. Listen to stories about musicians getting away with murder, becoming cult leaders, and so much more. Between Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and so many more, there’s a lot of scandal to cover. Hear all of their bad behaviour featured in Amazon Music’s “DISGRACELAND”.

The Music History Project podcast art

The Music History Project

Listen to ‘The Music History Project’

From NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) comes a podcast dedicated to literally everything music history. “The Music History Podcast” looks into the innovative people, creations, and practices that have shaped the music world today. They talk about the evolution of the steel guitar, the British Invasion, the Big Band Era, Nashville’s A-Team, and so much more. One of the most educational music history podcasts out there, this one can’t be overlooked.

History in Five Songs podcast image

History in Five Songs with Martin Popoff

Listen to ‘History in Five Songs with Martin Popoff’

Author and music critic Martin Popoff has taken on the gargantuan task of narrating history through just five songs. Every episode, Popoff takes five songs from the rock and metal discography to tell the story of a genre. The most published music critic of all time, Popoff succinctly makes his argument in just 30-minute episodes. Listen to “History in Five Songs with Martin Popoff” to learn about the nitty gritty details of music’s evolution.

She Will Rock You podcast image

She Will Rock You

Listen to ‘She Will Rock You’

“She Will Rock You” is dedicated to all of the women who shaped rock and roll from its roots to its present-day form. Hosts Bethanne Tarpley and Leah Jones share the stories of the coolest women to ever grace radio, and interview some of the rock and roll juggernauts of today. While this podcast is dedicated to focusing on the women in the music industry, they talk all about the people who carved the paths for their respective genres. Listen to stories you’ve never heard about Blondie, Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix and many more with “She Will Rock You”.

Cocaine & Rhinestones podcast image

Cocaine & Rhinestones

Listen to ‘Cocaine & Rhinestones’

Named “Cocaine & Rhinestones” after a phrase he heard come from the son of the late country music legend, Justin Townes Earle, host Tyler Mahan Coe made this podcast to share stories he’s heard his whole life. Coe is the son of country star David Allan Coe, so he has grown up surrounded by musicians. And do they have some stories to tell! Painstakingly researched and laboriously crafted, “Cocaine & Rhinestones” is a both a love story for and a narrative history about country music. From Lonnie Irving to Loretta Lynn, to Fiorello LaGuardia and his war on pinball machines, this podcast will change your perception of country music forever.

A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs podcast image

A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs

Listen to ‘A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs’

A very clear and concise message. “A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs” is looking at the 500 songs from 1938 to 1999 that shaped the genre. Host Andrew Hickey is analyzing The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Marvelettes, and their effect on the world. He has already made his way through over 100 songs, so there is much farther to go! Catch up on “A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs” for all things rock and roll history.

Your Favorite Band Sucks

Listen to ‘Your Favorite Band Sucks’

Trust me, I know it’s a hard pill to swallow. And no one gets a pass. Hosts Mark and Tyler use a random assignment algorithm to decide what band they will expose each week. While they start off with an easy band that sucks, The Beatles, they make sure to hit every genre, artist, and nerve. Clutch your vinyls and vintage t-shirts, and have a good laugh with “Your Favorite Band Sucks”.

Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia

Listen to ‘Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia’

You know that song that they won’t stop playing on the radio? Why do they play great songs to death? That’s what Chris Molanphy is here to answer. What makes a song number 1? Whether you loved it or hated it, these songs dominated the airwaves, and Molanphy will dissect each song down to it’s bare bare bones. And, along the way, learn some music trivia about the world’s most overplayed songs. This is “Hit Parade”.


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