#SpookySZN: ‘Crime in Sports’ is brutally funny and absolutely ruthless

True Crime October 10, 2021
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Of the great “Small Town Murder” lore, comedians James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisma first hosted the podcast “Crime in Sports.” On this tenth wonderful day of our #SpookySZN, we are bringing you true crime, sports, and hilarity. Turns out, lots of famous athletes have committed lots of crimes! Thus the creation of “Crime in Sports.”

James and Jimmie are merciless when it comes to the athletes who played games with the law. Aggravated assaults, murders, kidnappings and so much more, “Crime in Sports” tries to find some humor in the face of tragedy. “Small Town Murder” actually came after this podcast, once the hosts realized that people are just super into murder.

While there are, of course, the prominent criminals of the athletic world, there’s so much more than your simple O.J. Simpsons and Lance Armstrongs. And there’s a lot worse, unfortunately.

“Crime in Sports” has recorded nearly 300 episodes, and they’ve covered athletes from football to boxing to Brazilian JuJitsu. Well, turns out Rafiel Torres was lying about that one. But his murderous tendencies were real. You’ll hear stories you know and many, many you don’t. And most of them are crazy. It’s wild what a gargantuan amount of money will do to you.

Hear about the white collar crimes Irving Frayer committed with his mother, which only came after his knife fight with his pregnant wife. Or check out the story of Cesar Cedeno, who was posed to be “the next Willie Mays” but instead, shot a woman to death in his hotel room. Or the disgraced footballer Adam Johnson, who was found guilty of having sex with a minor despite having and wife and baby at home.

Some of these people truly deserve no mercy, and James and Jimmy are the men for the job of telling their stories. For two and a half hours, they’ll having you cry-laughing and wincing at these shameful athletes. Actually, they have now covered Mike Tyson’s run-ins with the law for six hours now. It’s a two part series, don’t worry. But whether or not you’re ready to learn about the crime-riddled world of fame, arrogance and boatloads of cash, “Crime in Sports” is brutally funny and even more ruthless.

Listen to ‘Crime in Sports’

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