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Food August 24, 2021
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Stay with us on this one because this podcast will change your life. For all of our foodies who live to eat, and all of our non-foodies who just eat to live, “The Sandwich Universe” is about to rock your universe. Food52’s newest podcast is going to show you how to make the best sandwiches for the rest of your life. And we truly think that we all need this, not just for ourselves in these trying times, but for the good of humanity.

“The Sandwich Universe” is going to be a 10-part series dissecting the 10 most iconic deli sandwiches. Hosts Molly Baz (Bon Appétit) and her best friend Declan Bond will be diving into philosophical and technical debates about their sandwich of the week, and answer difficult questions asked by listeners. For instance, is a hot dog a sandwich?

You might recognize Molly Baz from her work as a food editor and Youtuber on Bon Appétit‘s channel; her episodes raked in millions of views per video. Or maybe you’ll know her from her bestselling cookbook Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach and Recipes to Repeat. She’s a professional chef with a drool-worthy instagram who is just trying to make the sandwich world a better place. Declan Bond, besides having objectively the coolest last name of anyone alive, has lived a very food-centric life as the son of a chef and the best friend of chef. He’s a self-proclaimed sandwich expert, and he and Baz have been making and talking sandwiches for over 10 years.

The pinnacle of sandwich supremacy, the homecoming queen, the belle of the ball: the BLT

For Baz, she comes out swinging in the first episode, declaring the BLT a tomato sandwich as opposed to a bacon sandwich. Which leads them to their first point: should you be eating a BLT outside of tomato season? If you have no good tomatoes, should you even bother trying to make this sandwich? As one of the three crucial ingredients, you need the ripest, juiciest tomatoes you can find, or else just give up.

But we’re not the tomato experts here. Baz and Bond are. They deliberate whether or not mayonnaise should be considered a crucial ingredient in addition to the many types of mayonnaise you can create for your BLT. You can make any number of aiolis, perhaps a smoked paprika mayo, garlic mayo, Sriracha mayo (our personal favorite), a roasted garlic lime mayo – the options are endless! The buck does not stop with just bacon, lettuce, and tomato. They discuss how to keep your BLT together, because Heaven knows it’s the worst when that fat tomato slice slips right out during your first bite. They consider what kind of bread is ideal for the BLT to be nestled within. They confabulate over whether or not adding an egg to your BLT is within the acceptable parameters of the BLT. It’s not a BLET. But that’s all up for debate with Baz and Bond.

“The Sandwich Universe” has us so passionate about BLTs, imagine what it will do for you. We can’t wait to hear about the 9 other sandwiches they’re going to blow our minds with. Will it be a turkey club? A reuben? We need to know if cheddar is the ideal cheese for a tuna melt. Baz and Bond will talk about what makes each sandwich special, and take listener tips and tricks on how to freshen up that perfect hoagie. Make sure you’re eating the best sandwiches you possibly can with “The Sandwich Universe.”

Listen to ‘The Sandwich Universe’

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