Done in a Day: ‘The Thing About Helen & Olga’ shares the story of a murderous duo

True Crime January 6, 2022
Listen to ‘The Thing About Helen & Olga’

“The Thing About Helen & Olga” recounts the horrific story of an elderly, Los Angeles-based killing duo. The ladies’ coiffed, kind, and altruistic exteriors masked their murderous motives, first financially helping homeless men then killing them in a series of hit-and-runs. This true crime podcast unpacks the killers’ stories, how law enforcement became involved, and what led to the killers’ arrest.

Start Dateline NBC’s series from the very first episode to hear the disturbing tale in chronological order. This six-episode series is easily binged in just one day.

“The Thing About Helen & Olga” is hosted by Dateline’s Keith Morrison. Episode 1 illustrates Helen’s upbringing in Texas, moving to California, her marriage, and kids. Helen was a successful real estate agent and maintained a wealthy lifestyle in Santa Monica, California as an adult. Olga was born in Budapest, immigrated to the US, and settled in California with her husband. The couple ran a coffee shop for a while, then Olga got divorced.

Olga and Helen met at a gym in the 1990s and became dedicated to helping down-and-out people together. They started volunteering through a homeless outreach program. Listeners will hear from people who knew Helen and Olga throughout the episodes.

By the second episode, an insurance investigator suspects something is up after two victims are hit by cars and a connection is drawn to Helen and Olga. The third episode conducted a raid of both women’s homes and shared what was found.

Listen to the shocking true story where you’ll never guess the twist revealed in the final episodes. Helen and Olga were arrested and detectives left them together in a bugged room to see if they could catch any information on the live mic. By the last two episodes, hear how the murder weapon was located and what went down in court.

All episodes of this true crime podcast are now streaming, wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘The Thing About Helen & Olga’

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