Former Hawaiian Congresswoman shares opinions and perspectives with guests on ‘The Tulsi Gabbard Show’

Society & Culture October 26, 2022
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Tulsi Media presents “The Tulsi Gabbard Show,” a series hosted by the former presidential candidate and Hawaiian Congresswoman. In episodes, Tulsi is joined by guests from all backgrounds to share their thoughts on wide-spanning issues.

Since October 2022, the podcast has stayed close to the top of the charts with weekly episodes that run less than 35 minutes on average. Start the podcast from the beginning if you’d like to hear more about Tulsi’s upbringing, background, education, career, and decisions along the way.

In 2002, Tulsi was elected to Hawaii’s legislature as a Democrat. She was 21 years old and the first Hindu women and one of the first female combat veterans to serve Congress.

In 2016’s election, Tulsi resigned from her duties as vice chairperson of the Democratic National Committee and endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential run. Tulsi announced that she was running for president in 2019, dropped out in 2020, and endorsed President Biden.

On the podcast’s first episode, Tulsi shared she loves our nation and that she is most inspired by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. She unpacked why she became an independent Democrat for 20 years and detailed why she is set to leave the Democratic party. Tulsi believes it “stands for a government of, by, and for the powerful elite” and she shared her current thoughts on our nation, war, and much more.

This season, Tulsi is opening the dialogue on issues, topics, and perspectives she believes are pressing. Listeners will hear interviews with people Tulsi knows well as well as others she is meeting for the first time. They will discuss challenges our nation is facing along with possibilities the future holds.

“The Tulsi Gabbard Show’s” weekly episodes feature honest conversations, unfiltered opinions, and more episodes that are “always with aloha.”

Listen to ‘The Tulsi Gabbard Show’

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