Odd Pod: The ‘udderly’ absurd ‘Beef and Dairy Network Podcast’

Comedy August 6, 2021
Listen to ‘Beef and Dairy Network Podcast’

Our Odd Pod of the Week is MaximumFun.org’s “The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast.” Since 2015, host Benjamin Partridge corners the market on escapism by creating a comedically bizarre world about animal products and the livestock industry. The podcast’s unique allure lies in its spontaneity. You might be laughing until the cows come home – or up to their next appearance on “The Beef and Dairy Network,” maybe.

“Udderly” absurd and hilariously deadpan, Benjamin nails his fictional caricature. He shares unreal news, Beef Forecasts, and information about the meat and dairy industries. In his full commitment to the show, Benjamin brings experts and other special guests to chat on each episode. You might recognize some of the characters’ voices, since Benjamin recruits fellow comedians like Mike Wozniak, Nick Offerman, and Josie Long. In segments, Benjamin reads listener mail and explores documentary topics that circle around beef animals and dairy herds.

Listeners will encounter storylines about a man running a cow circus, conspiracy theories and coverups of a “fifth meat,” and recurring characters. You can listen to the episodes out of order, since many stories stand alone. There are some light story threads to connect if you listen to the show from the beginning. Controversial slaughterhouse owner/cult leader Eli Roberts has appeared on dozens of episodes since the show’s start.

Listeners learn that the worldwide agricultural media is on holiday, and we’re lucky to hear new episodes this summer. We hear about the upcoming Beef Solstice Festival, which is hitting the road. When it arrives in Iceland, a phenomenon occurs. The northern lights smell like beef! According to our narrator, it’s apparently similar to the Beef-quinox. Our host was about to leave for the Beef Solstice Festival when his phone rang. Darts champion Kenny Baritone was on the line, and he was eager to share breaking news. We hear about a baby that has grown to 9 feet tall because the mother drank a ton of milk while pregnant. Kenny officially endorsed pig milk, and we’re enticed by fake advertisements to try this new product.

This show originally premiered on BBC Radio 4 before expanding into a full podcast series. “The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast” continues forward to milk its success with new episodes.

Listen to ‘Beef and Dairy Network Podcast’

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