Netflix by mail!?! Father-daughter TikTokers David C. Smalley and Talissa Smalley bridge their generational gap on ‘Daughter Issues’

Comedy August 19, 2022
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Gen X dad David C. Smalley and his Gen Z daughter Talissa Smalley are bridging the generational gap and bringing their popular TikTok interactions to “Daughter Issues.” In weekly episodes, the comedian and influencer duo will riff on a variety of topics, and hilarity ensues.

Do you remember when you had to mail DVDs back to Netflix after watching? What about Yahoo Chat in the ‘90s? These topics from a bygone era are new news to Talissa, who often finds herself in disbelief over past norms, technology, and dated vocab like what it meant to burn CDs.

Talissa tests her dad’s knowledge of all things Gen Z while David imparts some Gen X wisdom. Talissa is quick to share “the new way of the world” in a podcast cultural exchange of sorts.

Since July, the duo has released over 4 episodes running less than 40 minutes on average. Drop in on their conversations in any order, as they’re chatting about specific topics each episode. We recommend this series for fans of “Mags and Dad’s Wholesome Chaos.”

David is a comedian and considers himself a pretty hip Gen X-er. You’ll hear Talissa quiz his Gen Z slang knowledge in the first episode. In another episode, they talked about corded phones and collect calls. The hosts also reference their TikTok content and recapped a recent video about ASL, standing for American Sign Language.

David asked Talissa to pretend she was in the late 1990s and asked how she would reply to a Yahoo Chat message that said “ASL.” David gave her a clue and said these letters would get everyone to reply, and TikTok fans went along with David’s cue and did not spill what it means in the comments. Talissa eventually learned it was an icebreaker used in chat forums to ask about participants’ age, sex, and location.

In another episode, Talissa teaches David how to vibe, and they played a few rounds of “Would You Rather?” Tune in to hear them debate old vs. new rap on an upcoming episode.

Tune in for lighthearted convos on “Daughter Issues” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Daughter Issues’

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