Travel by sea to a creepy town in Aaron Mahnke’s ’13 Days of Halloween’

Fiction October 29, 2021
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Season two of Aaron Mahnke’s “13 Days of Halloween” drops this October and takes listeners to a spooky, New England seaside town called Direbrook. When a stranger washes up on shore with little memory of how she wound up in the water, the townsfolk rally to find out about her past. The stranger is quickly absorbed by the town and realizes Direbrook is troubled, and terror unfolds as she wonders if she can ever leave.

“13 Days of Halloween” is a horror story at its core. The show’s creator, Aaron, is known for his engaging storytelling and innovative work on additional shows including “Lore” and “Cabinet of Curiosities.”

In this series, we’ll walk down cobblestone streets to be greeted with stares, hear about Direbrook’s history and its founder, and encounter unfriendly neighbors. Listeners will attend town meetings with the mayor and find out why new residents are a rarity, and how old residents plant themselves in Direbrook for life. There’s a disturbing story as to why residents should not wander off by themselves. And we hear how Direbrook’s residents arrived years ago by sea. Watch out for the marshes!

This season features voices from actors you might recognize. Kathy Najimy previously starred in WALL-E, Hocus Pocus, and played Sister Mary Patrick in Sister Act. Bethany Anne Lind has appeared on Ozark, Stranger Things, Lore, Doctor Sleep, and Reprisal. Additional actors lending their voices this season include Robin Bloodworth, Jay Jones, Brian Troxell, and more.

Season 1 traveled to Hawthorne Manor’s haunted grounds just as a new caretaker was hired, and listeners met the Manor’s guests over 13 episodes. Keegan Michael-Key voice-acted as the caretaker, and welcomed listeners for a scare-cation filled with horror and suspense.

This series uses 3D binaural audio, so plug your headphones in to feel immersed in the story. Episodes are around 20 minutes long and easily bingeable. “13 Days of Halloween” will post new, daily episodes until Halloween. This series is a Grim and Mild, Blumhouse, and iHeart 3D Audio production.

Listen to ’13 Days of Halloween’

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