Femme fatale: 7 true crime podcasts about women who kill

True Crime December 13, 2021

True crime podcasts have swept the nation and are leaving a trail of ravenous podcast-audiences in their wake. While women have been in the forefront of the true crime podcasting world, hosting some of the most popular podcasts (Crime Junkie, My Favorite Murder, etc.), most of their stories seem to be about men who kill women.

Since women are unlikely to be convicted of the same crime, maybe this is what makes catching female killers that much more interesting. Their modus operandi typically differ greatly from that of men, along with their psyche and reason for killing. Then there are the great female con-artists of history: Anna Delvey, Elizabeth Holmes, Lori Loughlin. The ladies that almost got away with it until their schemes all came to a screeching halt. These are the podcasts that are devoted to the best of the worst female criminals of our time:

Female Criminals

Listen to ‘Female Criminals’

From Cutler Media and Parcast, “Female Criminals” examines the minds and crimes of female felons. From murderers to scammers, thieves and grifters, no crime is overlooked. “Female Criminals” goes all the way back to The Bloody Countess of the 16th century and brings it back to Lori Loughlin’s college admissions scandal. New episodes are released every Wednesday.

Criminal Broads

Listen to ‘Criminal Broads’

“Criminal Broads” is the true crime history podcast you have been searching for. Host Tori Telfer also authored Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History, so you could say she’s somewhat of an expert on dangerous women. Telfer asks the question: Why are women always portrayed as the victim? Don’t get me wrong, murder is bad no matter who did it or who died, but traditional true crime has an odd way of burying the women who commit crime. Telfer profiles the most famous female killers and also digs up the tales about female grifters, swindlers, and murderers who didn’t make headlines.

Snapped: Women Who Murder

Listen to ‘Snapped: Women Who Murder’

The 27 seasons of Oxygen’s Snapped are now available in audio form with “Snapped: Women Who Murder.” Each episode examines a different felon, typically a woman, and looks at the murders (and attempted murders) she committed. The documentary-style show includes interviews with family and friends of the victim and the perpetrator, law-enforcement, attorneys, and other experts on the case. Listen to “Snapped: Women Who Murder” for an in-depth true crime experience.

Women Who Kill with Kai Choyce

Listen to ‘Women Who Kill’

Comedian Kai Choyce hosts “Women Who Kill with Kai Choyce”, a podcast focused on the crimes committed by women. Choyce thinks that men have had their turn in the limelight, and now we should really be focusing on the women committing horrible crimes instead. “Women Who Kill” is one of the funniest true crime podcasts that you cannot skip. Choyce always has fun with the gruesome details, and his guests play off of him well. For dark comedy and darker crimes, check out “Women Who Kill with Kai Choyce”.

Women and Crime

Listen to ‘Women and Crime’

“Women and Crime” is focused on so much more than just a murder or two. Dr. Meghan Sacks and Dr. Amy Shlosberg are both Associate Professors of Criminology with first-hand experience working with offenders in the criminal justice system. They know that women and men do not share the same experiences when it comes to crime and punishment. They examine how women fare within America’s prison system, along with exploring the causes of crime and female victimology. Also, they celebrate the women who have left their mark on the criminal justice system.

Why Women Kill: Truth, Lies and Labels

Listen to ‘Why Women Kill: Truth, Lies and Labels’

Tori Telfer is back on CBS All Access’ “Why Women Kill: Truth, Lies and Labels.” In this six-episode series, Telfer covers the labels we tag onto female killers: Black Widow, Angel of Death, The Jealous Lover. But do these labels actually help explain why women murder? If male killers have labels like this, why don’t we use them? Is it a way to cover the truth, or perhaps a way to wrap our heads around a fragile woman committing a heinous crime? Find out on “Why Women Kill: Truth, Lies and Labels.”

Killer Personality

Listen to ‘Killer Personality’

A unique take on the world of killers, “Killer Personality” dissects the Enneagram Type along with personality aspects of serial killers. Now in Season 2, “Killer Personality” is looking at the psyche of women who kill. Join hosts Destiny and Colby to hear about the inner workings of people like Tamara Samsonova (The Granny Ripper, yikes), Andrea Yates, Aileen Wuornos, and more.

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