Who run the world? 8 podcasts about women’s history to celebrate the ladies this March and beyond

round up March 1, 2023

Yes, we had to quote Beyoncé! To honor International omen’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’ve selected some stellar podcasts all about icons, innovators, pioneers, and lesser-known heroines. Hear historians, writers, and scholars discussing the formidable accomplishments of amazing women and their inspirational stories.

If you’d like to learn more about historical figures like Joan of Arc, Harriet Tubman, and Clara Barton or actresses like Audrey Hepburn, podcasts on this list have you covered! There is a women’s history series about forgotten women’s contributions to genre, remembering folks responsible for iconic characters, theme songs, and stories we’ve seen in pop culture.

Here are some podcasts to stream this Women’s History Month and beyond:

Our Body Politic

Listen to ‘Our Body Politic’

Disaspora Farms presents “Our Body Politic,” created and hosted by award-winning journalist Farai Chideya. Episodes explore how women of color are impacted by and creating impact on modern political happenings. Tune in Fridays for new episodes on health, education, the economy, the environment, and women’s issues faced today.

Unladylike podcast art


Listen to ‘Unladylike’

Starburns Audio & Unladylike Media’s series is a “feminist lifestyle podcast on a mission to stay curious, build empathy, and raise hell. Join host Cristen Conger and guests as they tackle topics like ballet, codependency in relationships, what we can learn from dogs, age-defying friendships, sexting, and more topics in weekly episodes.

Womanica podcast art


Listen to ‘Womanica’

Wonder Media Network presents “Womanica,” a daily dose of women’s history lessons in episodes less than 10 minutes long. Hear about innovators like the first computer programmer Ada Lovelace, musician Whitney Houston, sci-fi writer Octavia Butler, and physician/epidemiologist Selma Dritz – just to name a few. There are over 550 episodes to choose from.

What's Her Name podcast art


Listen to ‘What’sHerName’

Academic sisters Dr. Katie Nelson and Olivia Meikle present “What’sHerName,” a women’s history podcast. Hear important stories about women you might not have heard before. Katie and Olivia find the “lost women of history” and host fascinating and thought-provoking conversations with writers, historians, and scholars. New episodes are posted semimonthly.

Seneca's 100 Women to Hear podcast art

Seneca’s 100 Women to Hear

Listen to ‘Seneca’s 100 Women to Hear’

“Seneca’s 100 Women to Hear” features stories of women who impacted history, tore down barriers, and bridged political divides. This podcast partners with iHeartRadio, and releases new episodes weekly.

The Dead Ladies Show podcast art

The Dead Ladies Show Podcast

Listen to ‘The Dead Ladies Show Podcast’

“The Dead Ladies Show Podcast” shares must-hear stories about iconic women from history, presented by co-hosts Katy Derbyshire, Florian Duijsens, and guests. Episodes bring listeners recordings of their live shows from Berlin and around the world. Since 2017, the series has released over 60 episodes on household names and lesser-known inspirations from history. Tune in for entertaining and inspiring episodes on Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Ida B. Wells, Marie Curie, and more ladies who have passed.

The History Chicks podcast art

The History Chicks

Listen to ‘The History Chicks’

Wondery’s “The History Chicks” discusses women from history in episodes under 2 hours on average. Hear about Emily Dickinson, Shirley Temple Black, tattooed ladies, Maya Angelou, and more. Learn how Pocahontas actually saved lives, Wonder Woman’s feminist roots, Marie Curie’s history, Barbie’s iconic status, Catherine the Great’s story, and The Statue of Liberty’s symbolism. Since 2011, the series has released over 270 episodes and counting!

Forgotten Women of Genre podcast art

Forgotten Women of Genre

Listen to ‘Forgotten Women of Genre’

SYFY WIRE presents “Forgotten Women of Genre,” a podcast celebrating women in the “geekverse” and outstanding contributions to genre. While many of the women explored in episodes are not household names, you might be familiar with their work. Learn who developed the sound of Vader’s breath, how Anne Gwynne pioneered the Scream Queen concept, and Jane Arden’s cinematic innovations in feminist films and theater – just to name a few. The show ended in 2020, but there are over 50 great episodes to choose from, running under 20 minutes each.

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