‘The Piketon Massacre’ hosts talk about the podcasts that inspired their own

July 27, 2021

Alesha and Dax kick off Episode 3 of Podsauce by chatting about some of their favorite podcasts from this week. The hosts are stoked to speak with producers and creators of the podcast, “The Piketon Massacre – Return to Pike County.” The podcast is an iHeartRadio original co-produced by KT Studios. Incidentally, Alesha is a super-fan of the show and remembers exactly where she was when she first heard about the story in People Magazine. Alesha says The Piketon Massacre is a topic of interest for her since she went to school for law and is fascinated with the case’s recent developments. Already listening to season 2, Dax is hooked on the show.

Dax shouts out his Odd Pod of the Week, Dearest Scooter’s “Sleep with Me.” It’s a wacky podcast that helps you fall asleep. And most don’t reach the end of the episodes because they’re in the land of nod! Dax says he thinks the reason why the show works for sleepy time is because the stories are all over the place and make no sense.

Currently, Dax is also enjoying Jon Meacham’s “It Was Said,” brought to you by Audacy’s Cadence13. It breaks down the stories behind famous speeches. Jon reveals the circumstances around the day of the speech as well as what happened. Dax recaps the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. episode. 

The hosts speak with their guests, Courtney Armstrong, Stephanie Lydecker, and Jeff Shane, creators and producers of “The Piketon Massacre – Return to Pike County.” It’s based on the documentary.

The guests then share some of their favorite podcasts including “Modern Love,” “S-Town,” and “Smartless.” Alesha’s pick of the day is “Therapy for Black Girls” hosted by Dr. Joy Harding. She recommends this show for fans of “Dropping Gems with Devi Brown.”

See below for a complete list of the podcasts mentioned:

Alesha’s Picks

Therapy for Black Girls

Listen to ‘Therapy for Black Girls’

Dax’s Picks

It Was Said with Jon Meacham

Listen to ‘It Was Said with Jon Meacham’

Piketon Massacre’ Host Picks

Modern Love

Listen to ‘Modern Love’

Color Lines

Listen to ‘Color Lines’

Modern Love

Listen to ‘Modern Love’


Listen to ‘S-Town’


Smartless podcast art
Listen to ‘SmartLess’

A Killing on the Cape

Listen to ‘A Killing on the Cape’

The Daily

The Daily podcast art
Listen to ‘The Daily’

The Masked Singer Podcast

Listen to ‘The Official Masked Singer Podcast’

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