All hail the ‘Queens Podcast’: uncovering the history of powerful women

History August 13, 2021
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Katy and Nathan have dedicated the last four years of their lives to powerful women in history. As they sip cocktails that correspond to their weekly royal highness, they combine their witty humor and historical knowledge on the “Queens Podcast.” Now one of the top podcasts in the world, the two continue to up their game with every episode.

They started their show when Katy noticed a distinct lack of women featured in other history podcasts. I mean, they make up literally half of human history, don’t they? And often, the women of history have turned out to be much more interesting: either more ruthless, more beloved, or just straight up more scandalous than their male counterparts. So, they carved out a space for their “Queens Podcast,” dedicated to all of the women that history has overlooked.

Learn about the wild rags-to-riches story of Catherine the Great. Or the outrageously dramatic life of Georgiana Cavendish, The Duchess of Devonshire. And they don’t just want to talk about the women we all know – although their three-part Anne Boleyn series is fantastic. Learn about women like the brutal Olga of Kiev, Empress Wu, Roxelana and more. Their episodes are intensely researched and thoroughly enjoyable; both hosts are self-proclaimed nerds with a passion for storytelling.

Katy and Nathan’s humor and chemistry add another layer of delight to this podcast. They are both loud and a good bit vulgar (their words, not ours). A mix of the salacious stories of the most powerful women in history makes for an unmatched hour of listening. This is not your typical dry history podcast (but there will be many dry martinis). The two want you to join in on their conversation and their cocktails every week. Every history enthusiast has to take a listen to Katy and Nathan. Check out “Queens Podcast” for a weekly dose of strong drinks and even stronger women.

Listen to ‘Queens Podcast’

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