Ever eavesdrop on a first date? There’s a podcast for that – be a fly on the wall for curated, virtual first dates on ‘This is Dating’

Society & Culture May 19, 2022
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Be a fly on the wall for curated, virtual first dates with “This is Dating.” By the same producers of “Where Should We Begin,” this series selects modern daters looking for a break from swiping through apps and seeking connection with a bit of magical help.

With an all-star team of fairy godmother experts and coaches to help them along the way, the 4 daters are set up on first dates. The team will message them questions to ask while their dates are in progress to move the conversation along.

Eavesdrop on the daters’ cute conversations, cringe-worthy moments, and hear some genuine sparks lit beyond the small talk in episodes. After the dates, the daters will debrief with the experts to share highlights and lowlights from the experience. Then, they’ll decide if they’d like a second date.

This series is an interesting concept shedding light on human experiences, and it’s insightful to hear the experts’ advice shared throughout.

Stream over 10 episodes from part 1 of each dater’s experiences, with all episodes under 40 minutes. There are some topic-specific episodes that can be streamed in any order, like “Bad First Dates,” “Are Open Relationships Right for Me?” and “Failure to Launch.” Those episodes share stories and have conversations on how to end a relationship that hasn’t really begun, poly relationships with Polysecure author Jessica Fern, and more.

Episode 11 unpacked attachment styles by asking a variety of people questions: how did the love you received as a child shape your love as an adult? Can your attachment style change over time? Can online relationship quizzes accurately determine your attachment style?

In episode 14, dater Virginia realizes she chooses unavailable guys and has a session with psychotherapist and podcaster Esther Perel. They discussed loyalty in relationships, and Virginia shared she struggles to say goodbye after she’s attached.

If you’ve enjoyed the New York Times’ Modern Love,” “Where Do We Begin? with Esther Perel,” and “Savage Lovecast,” you might also enjoy “This is Dating.” Tune into “This is Dating” wherever you listen to you favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘This is Dating’

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