What’s a chicken-tarian? ‘Benched with Bonnetta’ is the quick-witted, not-so-serious football podcast you’ve been looking for

Sports May 24, 2022
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Oh football, where art thou? If you’re missing the NFL as much as we are, then do not fret. While football is still months away, “Benched with Bonnetta” is keeping us amped and entertained every single week.

This is the football podcast covering the topics we really want to hear about, like what went down in Vegas during the 2022 draft and what a chicken-tarian diet is. Filled with plenty of banter with her co-hosts Mohan and “Around The NFL’s” Justin Graver and plenty of football talk, this podcast is for anyone looking for more than just statistics.

This iHeartMedia and NFL podcast has been releasing weekly episodes since January of 2022. Episodes are just a short and sweet 30 minutes long and jam-packed with Rachel’s unique take on football reporting.

Rachel recently joined the NFL Media group in 2021 after five years at FOX Sports. She can currently be seen hosting NFL GameDay View, contributing on the NFL Network’s NFL GameDay Morning, and attending the biggest events in football from the Super Bowl to the NFL Draft to the NFL Honors. She’s one of the most entertaining and hilarious voices in sports, coining the term sportsmedian.

On “Benched with Bonnetta,” she’s joined by a multitude of guests from around the NFL and media landscape. She and her guests are sharing personal stories, debating the best ways to eat a hot dog, and trying to keep up with whatever Tom Brady is doing. Rachel and company are keeping us up to date on the latest trades in the leagues and seeing who is shaping up to be a contender for the next Super Bowl.

Hear segments and games like “The Worst Thing I Saw This Week,” “What Lasted Longer, This or Tom Brady‘s Retirement,” and “The Benched Bachelorette.” With the latter, Rachel is a free agent fan and every week she hands out roses until she’s down to just one team who she will be rooting for this NFL season.

This podcast is unlike any football podcast you’ve heard before. Rachel’s quick wit is unmatched and paired with her football IQ along with her unique perspective on the game, “Benched With Bonnetta” is crushing it. Be sure to tune in to this podcast every Tuesday.

Listen to ‘Benched with Bonnetta’

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