Y2K: 5 podcasts time capsuling the 2000s’ pop culture explosion

Society & Culture July 14, 2022

If you’re reading this, congrats – you survived Y2K. And so did many cultural moments and influences that forever changed the world. Zip up your hot pink, velour Juicy Couture tracksuit, grab your favorite trucker cap, platform sandals, mp3 player, and embrace nostalgia with these 2000s podcasts.

On our list, we’ve included a scripted comedy series, a podcast reveling in classic movies, and a show unpacking blind items for a slew of 2000s A-listers. Also tune in for a series all about 2000s fashion and its cultural impact, and in another series, hear about celebrities’ relationships.

Beyond the Blinds podcast art

Beyond the Blinds

Listen to ‘Beyond the Blinds’

Beyond the Blinds” hosts Troy and Kelli are digging into Hollywood’s dark side and sharing blind items on weekly episodes. All episodes are solely for entertainment purposes, and everything shared is alleged. Tune in for blinds on Halsey, Lady Gaga, Ezra Miller, the Richards, the Hiltons, Hilary Duff, and many more.

In VOGUE: The 2000s image

In Vogue: The 2000s

Listen to ‘In Vogue: The 2000s’

“In Vogue: The 2000s” is delving into memorable moments from the aughts and sharing more about fashion’s collision with pop culture. This series chats with designers, models, photographers, insiders, and guests like Sarah Jessica Parker to explore these fashionable years. Join host Hamish Bowles’ deep-dive into topics like bloggers, Hollywood, Sex and the City, Juicy Couture, the MET Gala, and more.

Les Deux You Remember This? podcast art

Les Deux You Remember This

Listen to ‘Les Deux You Remember This’

“Les Deux You Remember This?” is a comedic storytelling podcast written, researched, narrated, and edited by Dara Laine Sussman. These stories bring us back to Hollywood’s early 2000s, “a time in history when America found out that with a trust fund, a sex tape, and a dream, you too could become a star.” Get ready to remember when The Hills was the ultimate drama, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears ruled the party scene, and iPods were still a thing.


Listen to ‘DUNZO!’

“DUNZO!” looks back at celeb and “celeb-reality” relationships you might remember. Weekly episodes examine hookups, breakups, famous friends, on-screen relationships, and host Troy McEady will unpack how these people impacted the world. Troy is a pop culture aficionado bringing his enthusiasm and excellent memories to the podcast space. Tune in for Troy’s takes on It girls, the world wide web, Britney Spears, and other pop culture phenomenons.

That's So 2000s podcast art

That’s So 2000’s Podcast

Listen to ‘That’s So 2000’s Podcast’

Andrew Lewis and Kenzie Bacarella are throwing it back to the aughts on “That’s So 2000’s Podcast.” They’ll recap classic films, tv shows, and reminisce about the shows they grew up with. From A Cinderella Story, to Shrek, iconic stars, and pop culture moments, this weekly series thrives on nostalgia.

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