From hidden identities to explosive revelations, here are 6 podcasts to listen to if you loved ‘Chameleon: Wild Boys’

True Crime April 11, 2022

The strange saga of Will and Tom Green, a.k.a. the Wild Boys, has had people shaking their heads in disbelief since they emerged from the British Colombian woods in 2003. And the recent release of “Chameleon: Wild Boys” has all of us invested in this story once again. Naturally, we’re on the hunt for more podcasts like Campside Media’s “Chameleon: Wild Boys.”

Whether it’s cases of missing identity, con artists, and cases that are much bigger than they originally seemed, the podcasts on this list have a little bit of everything to completely captivate you. Check out these six podcasts like “Chameleon: Wild Boys.”

Relative Unknown

Relative Unknown

Listen to ‘Relative Unknown’

When it comes to a case of missing (or deliberately hidden) identity, nothing tops C13 Originals’ “Relative Unknown.” This podcast starts out wild, with a double murder-suicide in a small town in Texas. Investigators soon find out that the little family they thought they knew was far more dangerous. But what “Relative Unknown” is really about is one family’s dark history, the Witness Protection Program, and the people it failed to protect. 


Listen to ‘Firebug’

Much like “Chameleon: Wild Boys,” “Firebug” is a story so unbelievable it’s fit for the screen – quite literally in this sense. When the manuscript Points of Origin, a film about a fictional investigator on the trail of a serial arsonist burning down California, circled Hollywood in the mid ’90s, it caught the eye of real investigators. All of the fires described in the screenplay were eerily similar to real fires that had been lit by a serial arsonist that was active just years prior.

Hooked podcast art


Listen to ‘Hooked’

Hooked” is an Apple Original podcast that is so many stories wrapped in one. Josh Dean went out looking for a great story about a great bank robber, and what he ended up with was a story about one of the most prolific bank robbers anyone has ever seen, America’s war on drugs, and the opioid epidemic. It’s action-packed, heartfelt, and so much more meaningful than even Dean imagined it could be.

Lost Boys of Hannibal

Listen to ‘Lost Boys of Hannibal’

On May 10, 1967, Billy Hoag, Joey Hoag, and Craig Dowell wandered into Murphy’s Cave in Hannibal, Missouri with a sense of adventure and were never seen again. Extensive investigations and search-and-rescue missions came up with nothing, and even over five decades later, their disappearances remain unsolved. “Lost Boys of Hannibal” takes us through this case, determined to find out what happened to the young boys.

Witnessed: Borderlands

Listen to ‘Witnessed: Borderlands’

“Witnessed: Borderlands” is a podcast about the Wild West in the 1970s. Involving a local bad boy in a Texas town, cocaine flowing over the Rio Grande, and a small-town sheriff, somehow a drug bust ensnares the both of them. This Campside podcast is so much more than the crime though. It’s a deeper investigation into the heavily mythologized past of the region. Be sure to check out the immaculate storytelling of “Witnessed: Borderlands” if you’re on the hunt for podcasts like “Chameleon: Wild Boys.”

Chasing Charlie

Listen to ‘Chasing Charlie’

“Chasing Charlie” follows private investigator Julia Robson’s dive into a shameless conman named Charlie. For seven years, she hunted the man who was grooming numerous women online around the world, scamming them for money and sex. What she thought was a typical case of a jilted lover turned out to be a disturbing case of dominance, deception, and dark ​sexual undertones.

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