A double life: ‘Betrayal’ tells of Jenifer Faison’s fairytale love story gone horribly wrong

True Crime June 2, 2022
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“Betrayal” is a new podcast from iHeartPodcasts and Glass Podcasts about the cautionary tale of Jenifer Faison. It’s the tale of a college romance, a rekindled flame, and a love fit for a fairy tale. Well, one of those messed up, German fairytales. Jenifer thought she had married the perfect man in Spencer Herron, only to find out in 2018 that he was nothing like he seemed.

Start from the beginning of “Betrayal” to hear the shockingly sordid story of Spencer Herron and his victims. Episodes so far have been just 30 minutes long and dive into the extent of Spencer’s shocking crimes and lies.

After seven years of a seemingly perfect marriage, Jenifer came home to find Spencer sitting in their living room, head in his hands. He slid a piece of paper to her with the words “Search Warrant” printed at the top of the page. The two-time Kell High School Teacher of the Year was being charged with sexual assault of one of his students, a teenager at the time the assaults started. In this podcast, Jenifer speaks with the woman her husband assaulted multiple times over the years in a powerful episode.

Unfortunately, that’s only where the story begins. In this podcast, Andrea and Jenifer herself explore Spencer’s crimes, uncover his lies, and speak with the many players in this story. After Spencer’s arrest on June 1, 2018, Jenifer decides to learn who the man she loved truly was. By sifting through his social media and text messages, she finds that her loving husband was not someone she knew. Spencer’s double life is unraveled in “Betrayal,” Jenifer finding out that he’d been having numerous affairs with friends, strangers, and neighbors on top of his crimes.

She speaks with some of the women he had been seeing, learning the techniques he’d been using to manipulate her, gaslight her, and justify his own heinous behavior. Jenifer even speaks with Spencer in this podcast, trying to piece together how she could have missed the sinister spirit lurking just beneath the surface.

“Betrayal” is truly a terrifying tale reinforcing the idea that we can never know what’s happening inside the mind of someone else. This story will make listeners question everything they thought they knew about love while experiencing the full range of empathetic emotions for Jenifer and Spencer’s victims. Fans of podcasts like “Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?” and “Something Was Wrong” will certainly find themselves fans of this new podcast. You can catch new episodes of “Betrayal” on Wednesdays.

Listen to ‘Betrayal’

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