Welcome to the club: ‘Bigfoot Collectors Club’ is for anyone looking for legends, lore and ghosts

Comedy October 27, 2021
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Welcome to “Bigfoot Collectors Club,” grab a flashlight, and maybe a rosary if you’re into that stuff, because we are about to dive into stories about ghouls, ghosts, legends, and lore. Hosts Michael McMillian and Bryce Johnson are our fearless leaders as we dive into the abyss that is the paranormal plane.

If you’re looking for a tale without an explanation, “Bigfoot Collectors Club” is the right fit for you. Along with a new guest every week, our hosts take us through the unexplainable: ghosts, UFO sightings, and cryptids. But it’s even more than that! While some episodes are certifiably spooky, you can also find episodes about leprechauns, the mystery of the real William Shakespeare (and whether or not he was truly the author of all those plays), past life memories/reincarnation and more.

Suggested to us by our most recent Podsauce guest, Spider One, who hosts “Bleeders DIEgest,” “Bigfoot Collectors Club” is going into all sort of lore, strange tales, and paranormal practices. Every episode, guests share their weird stories: from interactions with ghosts, tapping into tarot, favorite paranormal moments on TV shows, and so much more. Every guest has a unique connection to the creepy and unknown, so every episode is filled with a little something different.

You can hear a two-part special on the alien abduction of Travis Walton, an Arizona logger who inspired the 1993 film Fire in the Sky! You can hear the story of The Devil’s Footprint, an eerie phenomenon that occurred in an 1855 English winter, when hoof footprints marked in the snow were found across Devon and Dorset, estimated to have traveled from 40 to 100 miles. They traveled straight over houses, rivers, haystacks and other obstacles, and the cloven hoof shape was suggested by a clergyman to be the footprint of Satan himself.

You’ll be able to hear Spider One on “Bigfoot Collectors Club” in episode “BCC 129: The Strange Disappearance of Dennis Martin w/ Spider One.” He tells listeners a truly scary story of a haunted Hollywood apartment and a ghost that seemed to like challenges. Then Michael and Bryce regale us with the Bigfoot-related incident that was the strange disappearance of Dennis Martin.

So no matter what you are looking for when it comes to mythology, folklore, or the occult, be sure to check out “Bigfoot Collectors Club” and become a Club member for a smorgasbord of all things strange.

Listen to ‘Bigfoot Collectors Club’

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