Breeny Lee shares empowering advice for women on ‘Pepp Talk Podcast’

Society & Culture March 16, 2022
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W!ZARD Studios presents “Pepp Talk Podcast,” a self-improvement series filled with empowering convos. Host and influencer Breeny Lee is bringing listeners pep talks with raw advice and tools to improve your life. Breeny’s episodes include insight from her own experiences, tips on knowing your value (and adding tax), challenging limiting beliefs, overcoming negative patterns, dating, and more. Breeny also posts on her YouTube channel, many of which are video versions of podcast episodes.

Since 2020, the podcast has released over 60 standalone episodes on topics like being a high-value woman, healing, overcoming anxiety, refocusing on yourself, and overcoming self sabotage. Episodes run less than 30 minutes on average and can be streamed in any order.

Breeny’s self-help episodes are geared toward women looking for motivating pep talks to level up in different areas of life. There are episodes on authenticity, developing emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and overcoming perfectionism. In the “How to Overcome a Poverty Mindset” episode, Breeny discussed how growing up poor can affect you and your worldview as an adult and why people still feel poor after saving money. There was an episode on people pleasing, and Breeny shared tips for setting boundaries if you feel like someone is taking advantage of you.

Breeny addressed relationship anxiety and explored the difference between your intuition and insecurity when trusting someone new. She spoke about toxic parents and shared advice on how to navigate difficult family situations.

There are plenty of episodes on dating and relationships, and Breeny recently shared how to be happy while single and why she’s taking a break from dating. Last year, Breeny compiled a list of 100 first date questions for an episode and encouraged listeners to ask more from potential partners.

In other episodes, Breeny discussed relationship attachment styles, how to break up with a friend, and high standards vs. high expectations. If you’re looking for advice on rebranding yourself or making changes after a major life event or breakup, Breeny shared questions to ask yourself in an episode.

To hear Breeny’s pep talks, tune into the “Pepp Talk Podcast” wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Pepp Talk Podcast’

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