Murder, mystery, and malice: ‘Casefile’ is true crime in its purest form

True Crime August 25, 2021
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For the purest true crime experience, “Casefile” is top tier content. A favorite of Megan McDermott & Sarah Nelson’s, hosts of “It’s Always The Husband,” “Casefile” is an Australian true crime podcast that started the Casefile Network. It was named one of Spotify’s Podcasts of the Decade, Apple Podcast’s Best of from 2016-2020, and was the winner of the Popular Vote of the 2017 Australian Podcast Awards. So, you know it’s good.

“Casefile” presents unforgettably terrifying and bizarre true crime stories in the most professionally produced audio format. What started as one anonymous host’s side project has developed into a 10-person team across multiple continents. Hear stories of abduction, murder, missing persons, solved and unsolved crimes from around the world. It’s just one host, exquisite sound design and music, and the facts.

Since “Casefile” is one of the favorites of Podsauce’s episode 7 guests, they also kindly recommended the episode that got them hooked. “Case 12: Katherine Knight” is the story of the murder that shook Australia to its core. There’s no fluff or filler in this story, which is a truly terrifying tale of a murderous woman who never stood a chance. After a brutal childhood filled with sexual assault, trauma, and violence, she went on to live a disturbing life of violent fantasies, intentions, and actions.

She violently attacked many people in her lifetime, stabbing and slashing husbands, boyfriends, and random passersby, and even left her two month old child on a train track (the child was saved). Her reign of terror ended with the horrific murder and attempted cannibalism of her boyfriend, John Price. It’s a grisly saga that you will have to hear to believe, because it is far too heinous to be written down here.

If you are looking for true crime in its purest form, a horror movie fit for your ears, then check out “Casefile.” Nearing 200 episodes, “Casefile” has hours and hours of refined stories filled with mystery and malice. A widely acclaimed podcast that has secrets of its own, true crime fans won’t be able to stop listening.

Listen to ‘Casefile’

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