David Spade, uncle/nephew love triangles, and naked men: ‘Chatty Broads’ recaps ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

TV & Film August 18, 2021
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After two long years and four and a half regular seasons, we are finally back in paradise. That’s right, it’s Bachelor in Paradise: the divisive, beloved, long-awaited drunken beach vacation for beautiful single people. Past Bachelor and Bachelorette losers are hoping to become winners and find their own love story with someone just as beautiful as them.

Okay, harsh, because we all know that Bachelor in Paradise is full of fan-favorites, villains, and lots of messy drama. And, as always, “Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess” are locked and loaded with everything about the season-premiere of reality television’s finest. And this season is sure to be a hit if not solely for Tahzjuan. And how she dated one of the contestant’s uncles. We’re yelling.

Guest hosts?

Past Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez, from Ari Luyendyk’s season, and Jess Ambrose are the “Chatty Broads” taking us through each moment of this tropical getaway. Right off the bat, they talk about the new guest host format that this season of Bachelor in Paradise is featuring. After Chris Harrison was booted from the show after his disturbingly racist comments, the show will have a new guest host every episode. First up: comedian David Spade, who left some people starstruck and had some people call him Dave Chappelle. Bekah and Jess are not huge fans of this format, but honestly, we liked that David Spade is someone who has a love-hate relationship with this franchise like the rest of us. But, that’s just our opinion.

Let’s not forget the naked man: Kenny

The broads debunk what the editors tried to manipulate with that black censor block, because Kenny was not actually naked. Number one, that sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, and number two, everyone’s reaction would have been way bigger than what they were. Also, someone on the internet grabbed a screenshot of one scene where the editors forgot about the censor box. Are we upset that our favorites lied straight to our faces? Yes. Yes, we are.

They also bring up a topic that comes up perhaps more often than it should on this show: age gaps. So far, two budding relationships feature fairly hefty age gaps: Kenny is 40 and Mari is 25, while Joe is 35 and Serena P is 23. Bekah, who was one of the youngest contestants ever on The Bachelor at 21 was on the season with the oldest Bachelor, who was 36. She has many thoughts on the two couples and age gaps in general. We are just curious if it’ll be a big storyline, not passing judgement here.

Look, so much happened in this episode, and if you need someone to talk about it with, you have to listen to “Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess.” We need to fangirl a little more over Tahzjuan, who should truly be on every season of this show. We need to talk about Grocery Joe’s heartbreak and past Bachelorette Becca’s return. We need to talk about the editors who are absolutely crushing it with their subtitles (Tahzjuan’s description quickly changed to “Dated Tre’s Uncle.”) Undeniably funny, relatable, and opinionated, “Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess” will have you tuning in weekly for even more of your Bachelor in Paradise fix.

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