‘Cold’ season 3 investigates Sheree Warren’s disappearance

True Crime March 3, 2023
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Wondery’s true crime series “Cold” centers on one missing persons case every season. Back for season three, “The Search for Sheree,” investigative journalist and host Dave Cawley investigates the 1985 disappearance of Sheree Warren and tracks two suspects. In this case, Cawley examines how dangerous things got with sexual violence and domestic abuse. This season is trying to find the truth and learn more about what happened.

Stream “Cold” from the very beginning of each standalone season. Ten episodes are slated plus bonus updates. Cawley will research and speak with those involved in the case, in hopes of uncovering new information this season.

The story began when Weber County, Utah resident Sheree received a late night lingerie phone survey that turned lewd. The guy on the phone said he wanted to meet her, so she worked with police to set a date, spring the trap, and catch the guy. With just “a slap on the wrist,” the guy was free. Unbeknownst to Sheree, she started dating that guy years later. A few months into their relationship, Sheree disappeared.

We learn more about Sheree’s life before she disappeared. Sheree left an unhappy marriage with her husband, Charles “Chuck” Warren, and they shared custody of their son. While proceeding with divorce, Sheree moved in with her parents. Her mom was worried when she did not return home from work.

On the date of her disappearance, she was scheduled to meet up with her estranged husband, Charles “Chuck” Warren. Neither attended their planned meet-up. When Sheree’s car turned up in Las Vegas, Nevada, police investigated Chuck.

When a body was found near Causey Reservoir in Ogden, Utah, police initially thought the body was Sheree’s. Meanwhile, authorities attempted to connect Cary Hartmann and the lingerie phone survey calls to the Ogden City Rapist. Witnesses came forward saying they saw Sheree and Cary the last night before she disappeared. Cary was arrested in connection to the case and in a number of sexual assaults in Ogden in the mid-1980s.

Cary was put on trial, and Sheree was deemed legally deceased since no body was found. We’ll hear about a “jailhouse snitch,” other leads police followed, and what they learned from an interview with Sheree’s brother.

When a skull was found near one Utah road, Sheree Warren’s case files were reopened. Years later, Cary left prison and returned home. Charles Warren’s health was deteriorating, so was unable to answer any current questions about the case.

In season one, the “Susan Powell Case Files,” Cawley dove into the unsolved disappearance. He investigated the person who would benefit greatly from her death.

Season two, “Justice for Joyce Yost,” explored a murder-for-hire scenario and went on a quest for justice. Yost, the woman who reported the kidnapping and rape, vanished.

Tune in weekly for new “Cold” episodes over the next few weeks.

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