Comedian/TikTok star Jazmyn W is giving advice like you’ve never seen before with sketches on ‘Jazmyn Gives Bad Advice’

Comedy April 11, 2022
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Comedian and TikTok creative Jazmyn W is answering listeners’ questions on “Jazmyn Gives Bad Advice,” but not how you might expect. She’s reenacting and interpreting queries with sketch comedy, then offering her best (or worst!) advice. As a former HR expert, Jazmyn specializes in giving her honest thoughts and solutions for any given scenario, no matter how unsolvable the problem might seem.

Stream the series in any order with episodes running under 20 minutes each so far. Jazmyn is looking for future questions to answer and invites listeners to send questions her way via social media, @JazmynJW on all platforms. Jazmyn posts comedic sketches for her fanbase of over 1 million followers on TikTok. Her engaging content shares insight from a Black female perspective with recurring, topical skits on dating stories, being Black at work, White House HR, and more.

On the first episode of “Jazmyn Gives Bad Advice,” she had tips for an awkward divorcée who has not yet shared this life update with her extended family and friends. It’s been over a year, and the divorcée wants to know how to break the news with people she does not speak with often. Jazmyn’s main question is why does she feel the need to share with people she doesn’t talk to that frequently to begin with? And the divorcée recently came out as bisexual, so she feels like she’s announcing a lot at once. Jazmyn thinks a divorce party might be in order and shared some other thoughts.

A concerned family member wrote to Jazmyn for episode two, titled “The Nasty Brother In Law.” This 27-year-old guy is actually quite nice, according to Jazmyn’s reenactment and letter written by the sister-in-law. He works for a church and mentors kids in his free time. Over the years, he’s broken off two serious relationships and continues to search for love.

But the main issues, according to his sister-in-law, are the red flags he seems to be proud of. He sleeps in a twin bed, never washes his sheets, and his home is covered in visible filth. The sister-in-law has no clue how to help her bro and would love to become the “fun aunt” one day. Jazmyn has some valid advice. She thinks asking her brother-in-law to have kids is selfish and advised her to volunteer or work with children instead. Jazmyn recommends an intervention of sorts, and also encourages the brother-in-law to seek therapy.

For weekly comedic sketches based on listeners’ questions, check out Studio71 and PodPeople’s “Jazmyn Gives Bad Advice.”

Listen to ‘Jazmyn Gives Bad Advice’

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