Retired basketball player David Noel III and journalist Quierra Luck talk sports on ‘The Player and The Fan’

Sports March 23, 2022
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David Noel III and Quierra Luck bring their respective areas of expertise to “The Player and The Fan” for unique conversations from both equally important sides of sports: players and fans. In authentic conversations, David and Quierra will tackle a topic du jour and share their viewpoints. They love chatting about basketball and plenty of episodes cover North Carolina’s Tar Heels.

David was the former UNC forward and an NCAA champion in 2005. Currently, David is the assistant coach for Capital City Go-Go of the NBA G League. Quierra is passionate about sports and writes for Sports Illustrated among other projects.

Since 2018, “The Player and The Fan” has posted over 40 episodes with the average release streaming less than 90 minutes long. Start the series from the most recent episode to hear timely sports updates, especially during the NCAA tournament.

A recent episode prepped for the NCAA Tournament and made predictions for UNC’s chances, and then the hosts discussed Dawson Garcia’s departure, Kerwin Walton, and Leaky Black. They also covered the ACC Tournament with Virginia Tech’s win, UNC’s seeding in the NCAA tournament, and Coach Roy Williams eliminating basketball goals when they were practicing for 2005’s NCAA Championship.

Episodes earlier this year discussed playing freshmen, recruiting, and Justin Jackson joining the Suns. In January, they chatted about ‘Hero Ball’ by UNC in Miami. In a segment called “The Assist with David,” the former NBA player answers fans’ questions.

In a recent episode of Podsauce, “#IDKMYDE” host B Daht revealed he’s a huge sports fan and listens to a variety of podcasts including “The Player and The Fan,” “Carolina Insider,” and “Quick Blitz” as supplements to watching the games. He’s also fond of Black Effect Network essentials like “The Breakfast Club” and “Drink Champs.”

Tune into “The Player and The Fan” during March Madness and year-long for sports commentary.

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