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Society & Culture September 15, 2021
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“The Trap Nerds” is a news-based podcast hosted by 4 self-identifying nerds and friends, Drizzy Dre Popcorn, Eli Alexander, Tony Marin, and Exavier Poole. The show started mid-pandemic as the crew banded together to embrace Black nerd culture! The episodes run the gamut from updates of their lives to current events. In weekly episodes, listeners will also hear about sports, movies, sci-fi, comic books, anime, gaming, and more.

Each host contributes to the show with their respective areas of expertise, and they’ll often debate topics. Tony is a real-life anime character and video editor, who appears in anime form in the video versions of the interviews. Exavier is a writer and creative Trap Nerd, and Eli is a comedian. Dre draws on his resourceful knowledge of comic books and video games on the show and is a resident movie buff, gamer, and choreographer. We love to hear their banter, and they’ll often poke fun at one another.

In a recent episode, each host created possibilities for future super hero characters. Watch out, Marvel!

Exavier shared his experience volunteering at an animal shelter. They also discussed Dre’s experience at Gamescon and the hosts recommended movies and TV shows they’re currently watching. They recently celebrated one year of streaming with an anniversary episode. Topics included their reactions to “Call of Duty Vanguard,” updates on the Marvel universe, and Chadwick Boseman’s episode of “What-if.” 

Special guests often join the hosts. Recent guests were writer and actor Kimberly Alu, author and spiritual advisor Anita Kopacz, and actress Nakia Burrise, just to name a few. Actor and writer Kevin Grevioux chatted about his Blue Marvel comic book series. Short episodes called “Side Quests” are frequently released, where hosts share bonus content. Eli dished on his indisputable list of 5 must-have gaming consoles, and naturally, his fellow hosts didn’t agree with all of his choices.

Exavier and Dre stopped by Podsauce to chat with Alesha and Dax. Our hosts were so happy to learn more from “The Trap Nerds” themselves.

“The Trap Nerds” is a production of The Black Effect Network and iHeartRadio. New episodes are released on Mondays.

Listen to ‘The Trap Nerds’

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