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TV & Film September 7, 2021
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Calling all pop culture, TV, and film fiends! From The Ringer comes “The Watch,” hosted by’s editor Andy Greenwald and former TV critic Chris Ryan. Their rapport is undeniable, and it’s no wonder they’ve been friends for over two decades. Weekly episodes explore pop culture news, hot topics, and more. They’ll unpack TV shows, films, and music and are often joined by actors, directors, and showrunners to bring you up-to-snuff on happenings in the entertainment industry.

A recent episode jumped through topics, touching on Renaissance art after a visit to the MET. In major news, Reese Witherspoon’s company, Hello Sunshine, reportedly sold to a Blackstone company for approximately $900 million. They also chatted about The Suicide Squad‘s universe, South Park‘s new multi-million deal, and the importance of TV brands.

Andy and Chris recently discussed the revival of classic horror movies from Blumhouse Productions. They look forward to The Exorcist‘s trilogy reboot. Leslie Odom Jr. is set to appear.

The hosts love to capture their reactions on new TV shows and films. They vow not to filter their takes when recapping and reviewing. Andy and Chris were particularly jazzed about the show, White Lotus. The show was developed by Mike White, who’s known for working on Enlightened and School of Rock, among many productions on his resume. When approached by HBO, the company asked Mike to pitch a COVID-friendly idea to work well with the safety protocols in place. The concept, set in Hawaii, was a go!

White Lotus is a dramedy set in a fictional Hawaiian resort. Andy and Chris said it’s been a while since they’ve been truly excited to tune into primetime TV on Sunday nights to watch new episodes of a show. They explain the show’s format and framing devices used. The opening scenes pan to a coffin getting carried onto a plane as a group of tourists arrive at the Hawaiian resort. The show goes beyond cringe humor and showcases emotional storytelling in raw form.

The tourist/staff dynamics are captured, and the characters soon realize the idyllic location isn’t what it seems. Andy and Chris remark on how modern and flexible the show becomes, making it a prime candidate for a second season. White Lotus is compared to the Duplass Brothers’ Room 104, an experimental anthology show based around a single hotel room with rotating guests. Andy and Chris hope the show will comparably reprise at the same location, featuring different staff and guests.

Andy and Chris open their bags of fan mail on choice episodes to answer listeners’ questions.

New episodes will reel you in on Mondays and Thursdays.

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