From Idaho University Murders to Chad Daybell’s murders: ‘Hidden: A True Crime Podcast’ examines the psychological aspects of true crimes

True Crime January 20, 2023
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On “Hidden: A True Crime Podcast,” forensic psychologist Dr. John Matthias and investigative journalist Lauren Matthias examine the psychological aspects of true crimes. The husband-and-wife duo are detailing the crimes and motives, diving into what the criminals are hiding, what they are hiding from, and what’s still hidden. Along the way, the podcast explores humans’ fears, the mind, and behavioral motivations.

Stream the semiweekly episodes in any order or from the start of each multi-part story arc. Many episodes cover recent cases and run under 90 minutes on average.

The hosts also record live shows on their YouTube channel and post audio to their podcast feed, such as a discussion on “Profiling and Discussing Evil.” During the live shows, channel members can ask forensic psychologist Dr. John Matthias questions.

Several episodes covered the Idaho University murders and suspect Bryan Kohberger. Dr. Matthias weighed in on Kohberger’s arrest and court appearance. The co-hosts discussed his affidavit, probable cause, and case updates.

The podcast previously covered Chad Daybell’s murders and psychology. The co-hosts explored psychological elements that preceded Daybell’s crimes – they looked at closed-mindedness, accepting paranormal phenomenon, how this impacted creating his cult, and carrying out murders. In 2022, Heather Daybell, Daybell’s sister-in-law, sat down for a tell-all interview across three episodes.

The co-hosts are joined by guests like the documentary director of Netflix’s Sins of Our Mother, Skye Borgman. In December, Moscow, Idaho neighbor Inan Harsh spoke with the podcast about the homicide investigation. He was noted as “the neighbor who heard the scream,” and explains what he recalls from the night of the murders.

Dr. Matthias is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist with 30 years’ experience and serves as an expert witness for the federal government. He has consulted on high-profile cases for District Attorney’s offices and defense attorneys. Dr. Matthias’ areas of expertise in forensics include criminal psychology, hidden behavioral motivations, personality assessments, and complex trauma.

“Hidden: A True Crime Podcast” is presented by Untamed Network. Tune in semiweekly wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Hidden: A True Crime Podcast’

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