Deadly pharmacists, fraudulent doctors, and ruthless grifters are exposed in ‘The Opportunist’

True Crime January 18, 2023
The Opportunist
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There’s nothing more dangerous than evil disguised as a normal person. A regular somebody who is unafraid to exploit people for all they’re worth when given even the slightest opportunity. Scammers, con-artists, even cult leaders all fall into this category that Kast Story details in “The Opportunist.”

In this podcast, host Hannah Smith tells the stories of people who embraced opportunities in the most sinister ways. These are people whose dark, untapped potentials surfaced once they found the perfect time to emerge. From doctors and pharmacists endangering the lives of thousands of people to scammers and fraudsters who stole millions to cult leaders who stole people’s lives – this is “The Opportunist.”

“The Opportunist” has released over 50 episodes since its premiere in 2021. Some episodes are one-off stories (and are very clearly labeled, which we always love), and some are criminals that needed multiple episodes to fully explore the scope and sequence – for example, Sherry Shriner‘s internet cult or the former banker who executed a Ponzi scheme and faked his death, Aubrey Lee Price. Episodes typically run under an hour.

Extremely well-produced and executed to near perfection, Smith has mastered the art of storytelling. In this podcast, she speaks with the real victims of these criminals. Her research paired with first-hand accounts from people who were face-to-face with these diabolical scam artists makes it almost impossible to stop listening once you’ve started. Topped with the fact that this podcast is covering people and cases that other true crime podcasts aren’t, “The Opportunist” is a great place to turn for new content.

“The Opportunist” isn’t just telling us riveting true crime stories. It’s asking: how did we get here and how do we stop this from ever happening again? It looks deep into the psychology of these people as well as the history that provided them these opportunities to commit heinous acts. It’s so much more than just a true crime podcast, so be sure to take a listen.

Listen to ‘The Opportunist’

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