‘History of the 90s’ is a blast from the past sharing era-defining history, major pop culture moments, and more

History October 26, 2022
History of the 90s
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From Seinfeld to rave culture, Princess Diana’s death to the Air Jordan craze, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the Spice Girls’ rise, Curiouscast’s “History of the 90s” is a nostalgia trip. Host Kathy Kenzora throws it back to the 1990s for historical and super-informative episodes released every other Wednesday. Hear about defining moments from history, pop culture touchstones, some of the worst crimes, tragedies, and much more from the 20th century’s last decade.

Since 2017, the podcast has released over 80 episodes clocking in under an hour on average. Kathy’s engaging episodes are wide-ranging in content coverage, and the podcast is now in its second season.

There are music episodes on ska and swing, grunge, boy bands, Woodstock, Vanilla Ice, and Selena. Comedians jumped from the stand up circuit to sitcoms in the 1990s, and episodes look back at shows like Seinfeld, Rosanne, and The Cosby Show. Cultural faves like “The 90s Witch Craze,” tabloid media, reality TV, daytime TV, Black sitcoms, and more are explored across a variety of episodes.

If you loved watching classic Nickelodeon in the ’80s and ’90s, definitely check out an episode about the cable network’s history, iconic sitcoms, cartoons, game shows, and more. For historical episodes, tune into episodes about HIV/AIDS advocacy, the civil unrest leading to the L.A. Riots, the release of Nelson Mandela, the 1999 protest in downtown Seattle, the Quebec Biker Wars, and more.

There are episodes dedicated to other ’90s stuff like gadgets, Beanie Babies, video games, and sports trading cards. Crime episodes cover the Columbine shooting, the Unabomber, Tracy Latimer’s story, The OJ Simpson Verdict, 1996’s Olympic Bombing, the Menendez Brothers, and Canadian serial killer Paul Bernardo. In other episodes, Kathy gathers the top news stories from the ’90s and shares them in year-specific episodes.

For a cinema blast from the past, check out a 2-part episode breaking down 1999’s Fight Club, Election, Three Kings, The Blair Witch Project, Being John Malkovich, The Matrix, American Beauty, and American Pie – just to name a few.

If you like learning about cults, 4 episodes break down 1990s Doomsday organizations including The Order of The Solar Temple, Aum Shinrikyo, Heaven’s Gate, and Branch Davidians.

“History of the 90s” is now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘History of the 90s’

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