‘Inside Trader Joe’s’ is a delectable charcuterie platter guide to learning more about the popular grocery brand and its products

Food February 3, 2022
Inside Trader Joe's
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If you’re a foodie, Trader Joe’s fan, or love learning about new products, you’re in for a treat with “Inside Trader Joe’s” – the delectable, audio charcuterie platter equivalent of the store’s top shelf news and facts behind-the-aisles. In episodes, you’ll learn the store’s history, new product releases, recipe recommendations, seasonal selections, and fun facts like why Trader Joe’s Crew Members wear Hawaiian shirts.

“Inside Trader Joe’s” has released over 40 episodes since 2018 and is currently in its 10th season. Stream the series in any order, with all episodes under 30 minutes long. Vice President of Marketing Matt Sloan and Marketing Director Tara Miller host the podcast and are joined by guests from Trader Joe’s departments. Episodes often focus on one category such as spices, pasta, or chocolate.

On the podcast, join Trader Joe’s tasting panels, attend the Annual Captains’ Meeting, and learn from staff members who travel the world to find new flavors for future products. If you’re ever overwhelmed by Trader Joe’s incredible selection, throw on a shopping list episode for guidance and inspiration. Episodes like #34 share frozen entrées in case you’re in a grab-and-go mood.

A recent episode celebrated the 13th Annual Customer Choice Awards and shared winners in various categories including vegan and vegetarian faves and snacks. We also learned tips to prepare the fan-favorite soy chorizo, and we were reminded to remove the encasing before preparing and eating it. If you’re an avid Trader Joe’s shopper and would like to participate in the Awards next year, you can sign up to vote, and you’ll get a reminder when it’s time to weigh in on next year’s categories.

There are some super-insightful episodes on the business side of things, including the store’s Buying Philosophy, their return policy, the supply chain, and operations.

“Professor Matt” and cheese expert Kim stopped by for a gooey episode all about cheese. They answered questions on why certain types melt differently, enzymes, acid, and more. The hummus episode visited Trader Joe’s hummus suppliers, and we learned that 85,000 pounds of Mediterranean Hummus are produced per week. Cool beans!

Trek to California’s Sonoma Valley in episode 42 – all about Trader Joe’s wine selection. Episode 7 shared available wine, nut, and cheese pairings. Episode 27 covered beer, shared its history, recommended several types to customers, and offered snack pairing options. If coffee is your drink of choice, check out episode 24 to learn from the brand’s coffee suppliers, and the hosts try to crack secrets on brewing the perfect mug.

“Inside Trader Joe’s” is nominated for an iHeartRadio Podcast Award in the Best Branded Podcast category. We’ll hear the winners on February 3.

Dig into “Inside Trader Joe’s,” now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Inside Trader Joe’s’

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