A husband shot his wife in 2016: ‘Intent: The Tex McIver Case’ investigates

True Crime December 15, 2022
Intent: The Tex McIver Case
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In 2016, Atlanta attorney Tex McIver shot his wife, Diane McIver, a successful business executive. Investigators and Tex knew who fired the shot – Diane handed Tex the gun and he claimed he didn’t know how or why the gun fired. Was her death an accident? This podcast examines the shooting, Tex’s trial, and the aftermath.

“Intent: The Tex McIver Case” is hosted by 11Alive WXIA News Reporter Kaitlyn Ross to investigate the case, uncover secrets about the couple’s relationship, and what happened before the shooting.

The McIvers’ friends said the couple’s relationship looked like it was ripped from a storybook. This was both of their second marriages and they appeared to enjoy a fruitful work-life balance, spending plenty of time entertaining friends at their ranch with horses and a pool. This series talks to reporters, the McIvers’ friends, others who knew them, and people who worked on the case.

We learn more about Diane and Tex’s life. It was estimated that Diane earned $10-12 million over the years from work. She was smart, shrewd, worked hard, and protective of her finances as a self-made millionaire. The couple kept their finances separate and Diane would often lend Tex money. In his 60s, Tex was nearing the end of his career at the law firm.

We learn why Diane allegedly passed a gun to Tex in their car while driving through a specific neighborhood. Diane was in critical condition after getting shot. With 2 nearby hospitals, Tex decided to drive to the one furthest away, a fact that seemed suspicious.

The sheriff assigned to the case was a long-time friend of the McIvers and claimed Tex’s hospital choice made sense. Diane died at the hospital after telling everyone around that she was shot by her husband. Listeners will hear more details this season.

This VAULT Studios podcast was previously called “The Officer’s Wife” and released a second season this fall. Season 1 covered Jessica and Matthew Boynton’s story after shots were fired in their apartment and Jessica was found dead. Matthew was a small-town cop. Season 1’s 7 episodes are now streaming.

Tune in weekly for new episodes of “Intent: The Tex McIver Case” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Intent: The Tex McIver Case’

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