Jason Alexander and Peter Tilden answer head-scratching questions on ‘Really? No, Really?’

Society & Culture February 17, 2023
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Best friends Jason Alexander and Peter Tilden are answering head-scratching questions with special guests, experts, and newsmakers on weekly episodes. The co-hosts welcome listeners to submit topics for consideration on future episodes, in a quest to answer the most bewildering, bizarre, and possibly bothersome queries. Brace yourself for the hilarity from the Seinfeld legend and actor co-hosting duo.

Since February, the series has released standalone episodes that run less than 40 minutes on average. Public restroom expert, Chad Kaufman, joined the first episode since “Jason and Peter take bathroom privacy very seriously.”

If you remember Jerry Seinfeld’s popular jokes about stall doors in public bathrooms not reaching the floor, this episode is for you. Kaufman is sharing why stall doors are not longer and explaining the truths about hand dryers. This investigation revealed more info about how people appear to be okay with “the illusion of privacy.”

Later in episode one, Jason and Peter talked to white-hat hacker Ralph Echemendia about privacy, hacking, and why passwords might become obsolete. Next, etiquette expert Diane Gottsman chatted about the post-COVID-19 world we’re living in – we’re rejoining crowds, back in offices, and using public bathrooms. Gottsman shared suggestions on making public bathroom trips more comfy.

On the second episode, Jason and Peter investigated how dogs talk via prerecorded words and join social media – pressing buttons to communicate their needs. Jason and Peter are wondering if this technology is a hoax or if dogs are actually capable of engaging in this way.

The co-hosts chatted with some of the internet’s talking pets and their parents to find out more. Along the way, they learned about some of the most shocking animal behaviors and what they can tell humans. They’re answering questions like “What animal witnessed a murder and snitched to the police?” and “what armless and legless animal was able to drive a vehicle toward a visual target?”

Tune in Tuesdays for new episodes of “Really? No, Really?” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Really? No, Really?’

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