Jennifer Hudson, Tia Mowry, and more check in on their mental health with ‘Checking In with Michelle Williams’

Health & Fitness December 8, 2021
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Michelle Williams is just checking in to see how you’ve been. The singer and actress hosts “Checking In with Michelle Williams,” where she and guests reveal their battles with mental health and offer advice and coping strategies when dealing with the hard stuff.

Alesha’s Podsauce pick of the week, “Checking In with Michelle Williams,” has been going strong since the end of 2020 with over 50 episodes. Episodes typically hit the 50-minute mark, which means you have nearly 2,500 minutes of Williams to listen to.

The former Destiny’s Child member created this iHeartRadio and Black Effect podcast as a way to have open and honest discussions about mental health. She speaks with people about the ways they deal with depression, anxiety, busy schedules, relationships, and more. They speak about career longevity, pivoting during the pandemic, maintaining friendships, the power of forgiveness, and even give tips on how to give yourself a break.

Williams has a wide-range of guests to check in on. From Emmanuel Acho to Macy Gray, to Tia Mowry and Amber Riley. Even Dr. Oz had a check up with Williams for her inaugural episode where the two chatted about holistic healing, mental health in the pandemic, and racial disparity in healthcare. In August, she connected with Amber Riley, speaking about hitting rock bottom, finding new love, and picking themselves back up from their ultimate lows. In the same month, she had on the incomparable Jennifer Hudson, talking about Hudson’s full circle path with Aretha Franklin, reflecting on the similarities between Hudson’s and Franklin’s lives, and staying grounded while filming Respect despite being in such a larger-than-life role.

Williams is fearlessly sharing her journey, both in terms of her career and her mental health, making us laugh, cry, and learn. Each week, she is sharing powerful conversations from others who have also battled with their own mental health. She is upfront about the struggle and daily work that goes into maintaining better mental health, making each episode a brilliant refresh for us all.

Be sure to check out “Checking In with Michelle Williams.”

Listen to ‘Checking In with Michelle Williams’

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