Join the writers’ room as three comedians chat with legends and pitch ideas on ‘Let’s Make a Rom-Com’

Comedy February 20, 2023
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Let’s Make A Sci-Fi‘s” hosts are switching gears to the romantic comedy biz with CBC Podcasts’ new show, “Let’s Make A Rom-Com.” Hosts Ryan Beil, Maddy Kelly, and Mark Chavez are dissecting the genre and heading to the writers’ room to speak with an array of special guests and write an original movie.

The comedy writers are finding new spins on love and laughter after speaking with screenwriters, actors, and directors before pitching their possibly heartwarming (or tear-jerking) movie ideas, starting with a blank page, and transforming them into a film script.

Ryan, Maddy, and Mark are dissecting the genre – what makes a romantic comedy fit the mold, the genre’s cultural impact, and if three writers from varying backgrounds can throw together a modernly fun love story.

Stream the eight episodes from the beginning, averaging less than 30 minutes each. This season’s guests will include “rom-com screenwriting royalty” like Kirsten Smith (Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You), director Ol Parker (Ticket to Paradise, Mama Mia II), and comedian Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens). The hosts will also be joined by agents and actors to share how they prepare and deliver their on-screen romantic roles. Stay tuned throughout to hear the hosts gather their ideas and pitch their original rom-com storyline.

Billy Mernit, stopped by episode one, a Hollywood story analyst and author of Writing the Romantic Comedy to share tricks of the trade from “rom-com’s tried-and-true formula.” Mernit also teaches college courses on writing. Maddy, Mark, and Ryan chatted with United Talent Agency’s Addison Duffy to see what rom-com audiences are looking for and the kinds of projects agents spring for.

“Let’s Make A Rom-Com” is a must-listen for comedy fans, writers, rom-com obsessives, or anyone who loves learning more about the creative process. Tune in weekly over the next few weeks wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Let’s Make a Rom-Com’

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