Sarah Hyland, Ty Burrell, and Mayim Bialik are all quitters: hear why on Julie Bowen and Chris Sanders’ ‘Quitters Podcast’

Celebrity March 27, 2022
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You read that right; they’re all quitters. In this wave of The Great Resignation and reclamation of time, “Quitters Podcast” is here for anyone who has something to quit. It may be a job, it may be a habit, it may be a lifestyle, but whatever it is, there’s no shame in just quitting. Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen and cohost Chad Sanders host “Quitters Podcast.”

This podcast is new as of January 2020, having released a handful of episodes so far. Episodes can be listened to in any order (although learning why our hosts are quitters may enhance your listening experience) and so far are averaging out at 40 minutes a piece.

The first two episodes of “Quitters Podcast” explore Julie and Chad’s own experiences with leaving their jobs. Julie shares some of her quits that she has never publicly discussed before as well as her struggle with body shame and dysmorphia with her career in front of the camera.

Sanders also has an interesting work history. His first job right out of college picked him up from the East Coast and dumped him in the middle of Silicon Valley. He was working for Google, a company that boasts about its incredible offices, perks, and pay. For most people, it is more than they ever could have asked for out of their first job – but not Sanders. He eventually quit the corporate rat race, moving from Google to YouTube before becoming a tech entrepreneur on his own. He’s now a comedy writer, having credits alongside people like Spike Lee and Morgan Freeman. He also authored the book Black Magic: What Black Leaders Learned from Trauma and Triumph.

In subsequent episodes, though, the two speak with one guest a week about the jobs, habits, and other things they left. First up is none other than Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell, Julie’s TV husband. Ty actually quit his entire LA lifestyle, eventually settling in Salt Lake City, Utah. He and Julie discuss what it’s like to have children as an actor, especially as an actor on a long-running television show. They talk about their first times stepping into big-wig LA writers’ rooms after being on the outside, in Ty’s case, for so long.

Along with Julie’s television husband, the two have also had on her television daughter, Sarah Hyland. They talk about Sarah’s well-known health struggles, from multiple kidney transplants to many other surgeries she has undergone. They discuss working through all of that while also filming Modern Family and also talk about what it’s like to be a young female celebrity on social media. On “Quitters Podcast,” Julie and Chad have also sat down with Mayim Bialik, Jimmy Kimmel, and Meghan and Ryan Trainor to talk all about why they’re quitters.

Chad and Julie have fabulous chemistry and energy, and while both have found success as artists/actors in the industry, their time in those spaces has been very different. They talk about being on the outside looking in, or seeing each other and thinking how they must have it all set for them. “Quitters Podcast,” so far, is full of fascinating conversations around the turbulent career paths that many people feel like they’re on. And, if it inspires you to make a change in your life, don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

Listen to ‘Quitters Podcast’

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