Kate Mara and Adam Scott star in psychological thriller podcast movie ‘Ghostwriter’

Fiction December 6, 2021
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C13Features’ fictional podcast movie, “Ghostwriter,” is a psychological thriller starring Kate Mara and Adam Scott that will have listeners on the edge of their seats. When a former journalist signs on to ghostwrite a murder mystery tome for a billionaire, things get spooky. Prior to accepting this gig, character Kate Michaels had a successful career, suffered a traumatic incident, and now lives in solitude.

After receiving encouragement from her agent and best friend, Kate begrudgingly accepts the job. Listeners will be shocked to learn what happens next as her gig blurs the line between fiction and reality.

If you enjoyed the podcast movie, “Treat,” starring Kiernan Shipka, you might enjoy “Ghostwriter.” This long-form podcast film presentation is under 90 minutes long and is a fully-immersive audio experience.

In “Ghostwriter,” Kate learns her client, James Webber, is eccentric and they collaborate to comb over notes and pen drafts for the project. As they progress with the book, more questions and suspicions bubble to the surface. Kate’s intuition tells her that something is wrong as she becomes fully entrenched in the story and finds herself increasingly dependent on James. She wonders if she can trust herself as the mouthpiece for James’ story and has serious inklings about the murder and James himself.

Throughout “Ghostwriter,” listeners will hear characters voiced by: Nicole Beharie, Tara Summers, Michael Laurence, Eileen Fogarty, Rudy Galvan, K. Todd Freeman, Aime Todd Kelly, Gulshan Mia, Danny McCarthy, and Lane Bajardi. “Ghostwriter” was written by Alix Sobler.

Kate Mara is an Emmy-nominated actress for her role in House of Cards and previously starred in/produced A Teacher. In her next film, Call Jane, Kate will co-star with Elizabeth Banks and Sigourney Weaver.

Adam Scott has received nominations for SAG Awards, Independent Spirit Awards, and Critics Choice Awards. He has starred in Big Little LiesParks and RecreationThe Good Place, Step BrothersThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and Party Down. Scott’s next role is in Ben Stiller’s Severance for AppleTV+.

“Ghostwriter” premiered today, December 6, 2021, and is now streaming on all podcast platforms.

Listen to ‘Ghostwriter’

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